3 thoughts on “Superintendent: New Guidance on ‘Close Contact’ Likely To Reduce Number of Quarantines

  1. ‘Simply stated, the Delta variant has created a new and pressing risk to children and adolescents across this country, as it has also done for unvaccinated adults.’ ” Pediatric hospitalizations for the virus have also been rising rapidly, according to CDC data. [Wall Street Journal 2 days ago]
    Masking, like smoking, goes beyond personal choice. No one has a right to endanger those around us by refusing to comply in a confined space.

    • I wouldn’t consider 1 death for every 215,000 children (age 0-17) in America, a “pressing risk.” Whatever happened to the concept of the “greater good?”

      • Death is not the only metric. While of course we are hoping to avoid deaths inasmuch as possible, we are hoping to limit infection overall because regardless of how sick or not the average non-immunosuppressed child gets, community spread impacts the entire community. Kids don’t live in a vacuum – they are fully immersed in our communities and have families of their own. Does the greater good not include students who are high risk themselves or who live with high risk family members? Does the greater good not include preventing worse outcomes aside from death including long covid and disability? I don’t think anyone likes masking and other precautions, but what’s being centered in working to limit community spread is in fact the greater good of the community.

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