VIDEO: New Canaan High School Class of 2015 Graduates

New Canaan High School Class of 2015 Graduation
Uploaded by Michael Dinan on 2015-06-19. After graduating from Princeton with a bachelor’s degree in English, and with honors from NYU School of Law, Stephen Vehslage worked his way toward a successful law practice, working primarily in civil litigation and white-collar criminal defense. All seemed to be going well to those who surrounded him, but inside, Vehslage had serious doubts the path he’d charted for himself was the right one. After some intense soul-searching, Vehslage decided that it was time to change course and go back to school, to become a teacher. Vehslage is now a 15-year veteran of New Canaan High School but his first year was anything but smooth, he told hundreds of Class of 2015 seniors and their families and friends on Thursday, in a keynote address during graduation ceremonies.

Letter: Advice to New Canaan High School Class of 2015

Dear New Canaan High School Class of 2015,

Congratulations! You’re reaching the culmination of your high school lives by completing your time in the New Canaan Public School system. Now you head on to the next stage of your life, a stage that for a lot of you probably seems both incredibly exciting and quite terrifying, at the same time. OK, maybe terrifying is a bit strong—at least I hope it is—because there’s little, if anything, to be terrified about this next step. That is if your next step is college.

NCHS Graduation Survival Guide: Tips for Students and Parents

With NCHS graduation just a few days away (5 p.m. on Thursday June 18 at Dunning Field) there are many parents, family members, and graduates buzzing with questions about graduation. The New Canaanite took some time to think of some tips for this year’s graduates, as well as some for their parents. Parent Tips: Answers to all of the questions parents want to know. Where should I park? Parking on the high school property will be limited.