Officials Void $150 Ticket Issued To Man Who Parked in Disabled Space on Elm Street 

In a break with precedent, members of the Parking Commission voted unanimously at their most recent meeting to void a ticket issued to a motorist who parked in a disabled space on Elm Street. Scott Lee, a Wilton resident, told the commissioners during an appeal hearing held May 2 at Town Hall that he was driving his elderly father to breakfast on the morning of April 4 and parked in a disabled space out front of Dunkin Donuts. 

Lee said his father is 75, recovering from a stroke and disabled, and that although he had applied for a permit and placard, he didn’t yet have those items to display in his car. “We were in the process of getting it and didn’t have it that day,” Lee told the Commission. Lee said he and his father had been headed to Le Pain Quotidien on Elm Street for breakfast. Records show that the $150 ticket was issued at 8:56 a.m.

During deliberations, Commissioner Pam Crum noted that the ticket was issued April 4 and that the permit was issued in the same month.

Commission Votes 3-2 To Recommend Metered Parking on Main and Elm

Saying it didn’t make sense for downtown New Canaan’s best parking spaces to be free, town officials this month voted to recommend installing meters on Main and Elm Streets. The Parking Commission as part of its 3-2 vote at the May 2 meeting also is recommending that the spaces running along the northern edge of Morse Court, which now offer free 15-minute parking, also be metered. “By giving away free parking on the main streets, we create a perverse incentive for people to not use parking in the peripheral lots that are designed to take the load off [Elm and Main Streets],” Commissioner Chris Hering said at the meeting, held in Town Hall. Hering voted in favor of the change, along with Commissioners Stuart Stringfellow and Peter Ogilvie (who long advocacy for this idea was recorded in a recent 0684-Radi0 podcast). Chairman Keith Richey and Commissioner Pam Crum voted against the recommendation.