8 thoughts on “‘We Have Screwed Up’: Town Waives Feb. 10 Ticket for Parking in Disabled Space

  1. ???? I’d rather read about the EOC’s plans for upcoming Covid-19 serology and antibody testing that was discussed on the 4pm call yesterday…

  2. Appeal of $150 ticket: “After not being able to find a space to park my car for several minutes, in order to run into Press Burger for an order already called in and waiting (I circled the block first), I made a very poor decision to very temporarily put it in a handicapped spot across the street with the flashers on and my 16 yr. old son to watch over while I ran in.”
    The driver could have asked the 16 year old passenger to pick up the order.

  3. Fact is Accessible (HP) parking is there for a multitude of reasons 1) for close proximity to the building 2) for the Access aisle (striped or zebra hash marks) adjacent to the Accessible (HP) parking to name two of those reasons. Fact is the standard parking spaces are not usable by many who are dis-Abled including those who do not use a wheelchair. Ibusecthe hash marks/striped area to fully and safely open my car door when I am getting into/out of my vehicle, then I can get into/out of my car without holding onto the car door. That situation creates Access and Opportunity for me to use my c as r door safely without holding onto it. I have a mobility dis-Ability that makes it important to use Accessible (HP) parking and also the close proximity of the Accessible (HP) parking allows me to get to the entrance safely….I also have Multiple Sclerosis. Many who use Accessible (HP) parking need those parking spaces and its required per the American’s with Disabilities Act i.e. the ADA

  4. When Accessible (HP) parking tickets are waived/dismissed it only emboldens abusers to be tempted to do it again then those with dis-Abilities are entwined in a government supported system of discrimination

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