‘Who Knew?’ Column Launches on New Canaanite, Sponsored by Walter Stewart’s

Jan. 21, 2022—NewCanaanite.com for Friday’s newsletter launched a new column by town resident and writer Laura Ault. 

Sponsored by Walter Stewart’s Market, “Who Knew?” will appear each month in the third Friday newsletter. 

In it, Ault will unearth surprises she finds “in our little corner of the suburbs.”

“I’ll search for those great experiences that can only be had in New Canaan, from restaurants and shops to hikes and events,” Ault said. “And when I find something great, I won’t keep it to myself, as much as I may want.”

Ault is a creative director and founder of a mission-based marketing consultancy. A native of northern California and graduate of Colgate University, she moved to New Canaan in 2014 and lives on the west side of town with her husband, three dogs and two cats. Doug Stewart, vice president of Walter Stewart’s Market, said the local business is pleased to sponsor Ault’s writing about New Canaan, which recently included an article spotlighting five standout local foods.

The Year in Review: Five Standout New Canaan Foods of 2021

One remarkable thing about our community is that, with very few exceptions, we made it through two years of a global pandemic without seeing any of our beloved restaurants close. You can attribute that to the hard work of restaurant and food service teams, as well as the dogged generosity of our town’s restaurant patrons. In my case, I was often just completely unwilling to make my own lunch in the middle of a long workday, or too lazy at night to cook. Either way, in appreciation of a restaurant scene we’re incredibly lucky to have, here are five dishes I kept going back for this past year. 1. Greens on the Go’s Butternut Squash Toast

As a society, we don’t talk enough about the magic of Unidentified Crunchy Things and why they need official designation as a food group.

Wednesday is Donation Day for ‘Feeding 500’ at Walter Stewart’s Market, Stewart’s Wine & Spirits

Two of New Canaan’s best-established businesses are supporting a locally run nonprofit organization with a “donation day” Wednesday. On Dec. 8, 10% of all proceeds at Stewart’s Wine & Spirits will go toward Feeding 500, which raises money for the food program at Open Doors in Norwalk. Additionally, T-Bill customers of Walter Stewart’s Market can donate their T-Bills to the organization all day. New Canaan High School junior Oliver Tuff, founder and president of Feeding 500, said the local support is “crucial” to the organization’s success. 

“We started as a way to get local high schoolers and the New Canaan community more involved in community efforts so the money and food we have raised so far has been due to the support we’ve gotten from the community,” Tuff told NewCanaanite.com in an email.

Local Businesses Q&A: Walter Stewart’s Market and Stewarts Wine & Spirits

Today’s installment of our Q&A series with a local business is with Doug Stewart Walter Stewart’s Market and Stewarts Wine & Spirits on Elm Street. Here’s our exchange:

New Canaanite: Doug, you’re very plugged into the local business community, as an owner of one of New Canaan’s best-established businesses, a member of the Chamber of Commerce board and a resident yourself. What is your sense of consumer demand this holiday shopping season, and of the health of our local business community? Doug Stewart: A main draw to New Canaan is our vibrant, charming downtown. With so many new families in town now and the holiday season there is a lot of great energy in New Canaan.