2 thoughts on “Who Knew? New Canaan, New You

  1. Not to get all serious, but if you are a tequila drinker, try doing 1/2 tequila and 1/2 Ritual non-alcoholic tequila. It’s pretty good, a very spicy. (Ritual’s rum is disgusting). Also, I have found a decent wine: Luminary Chardonnay. David at DB Wines orders it for me. It’s a little too tart for me, so I put in a little bit of agave syrup, or 1/4 Fre, a sweet non-alcoholic wine.
    Love your column!

  2. Loved reading your column…..very entertaining and so relatable! The Winter Hike Challenge is a great idea and a reminder about all the wonderful things NCLT does for our open spaces.

    Thank you Laura, great job! Alice

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