4 thoughts on “Ticketed Woman Accuses Parking Enforcement and Town of Racism, Threatens Lawsuit

  1. So confusing… ” I was standing there, with my car turned on, waiting in the car.” Standing while in the car – well that’s a special kind of ability. Hmmm, “…she said to me, I am sorry I did not realize you were in the car”. So how does someone choose to be racist when the person wasn’t visible to them? Sadly, I’m a New Canaan resident and could not disagree more with Jafri’s portrayal of our town. On a personal level and, also as a Republican, I take offense to her comments. I can only hope, should she move forward with a lawsuit, that she is prepared to defend such an extremely serious accusation. Words hurt and racism is nothing to wield around lightly.

    • Just to be clear, Colleen, what the appellant was trying to say is that the car was “standing”—that is, in park with the engine running—as opposed to parked with the engine off, keys removed, etc. I tried to make it clear what her arguments were in the sixth paragraph, so it’s my fault if the direct quote doesn’t make sense.

  2. It sounds to me like Ms. Jafri is the racist here. BTW if she has a problem with white people and Republicans perhaps she should seek counseling. Most of the white Republicans I know are loving, generous and very law abiding.

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