One thought on “Town Forgives $150 Ticket Issued to Woman Who Parked in Disabled Space at Starbucks

  1. The Starbucks parking lot is an accident waiting to happen. Starbucks does not care about that lot. I have written to Starbucks about the lot, they say the manager is supposed to enforce the lot. They don’t. Their own employees take up two spots on a daily basis. You have people constantly parking on the sidewalk or in the handicapped spot for their “to go drinks”. Since the app started the parking lot has gotten worse. Let alone no arrows in and out. Growing up it was a gas station with clear markings. Starbucks could do much better, and also the people who are, ” just grabbing my drink.” Maybe I sound like a, “Karen”, but I have no tolerance for people parking in a handicapped spot. Especially since the only other handicapped spots are either on Elm or in front of CVS. I do understand there are always emergency, as in the voided ticket, which I understand.

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