Town Upholds $50 Ticket Issued to New Canaan Woman Who Parked on the Sidewalk in Front of Starbucks

Officials last week upheld a $50 ticket issued to a New Canaan woman who parked on the sidewalk in front of Starbucks—a recurring and dangerous violation that must be addressed by the town, they said. Members of the Parking Commission during their regular meeting Jan. 3 voted 4-0 to uphold the ticket issued to Miriam Oh at 10:47 a.m. on Nov. 7 (Election Day). 

During her appeal hearing before the Commission, Oh said she had no idea it wasn’t a legitimate space because she often sees vehicles parked there. “I thought it was the private property of Starbucks to park in that location, because I had seen—and of course, this is no excuse—but part of the reason I thought it was OK was that I had always seen lots of vehicles in that spot,” Oh said during the meeting, held at Town Hall and via videoconference. 

Oh said that after receiving the ticket, she began paying attention to the area and “there’s so many people who are parked there all the time,” holding up what appeared to be a composite of photographs showing motorists in violation.

Safety Concerns Prompt Town To Move Large Trucks Out of Parking Space at Main and Maple

Town officials say they’re monitoring use of a parking space at an increasingly busy intersection downtown, following safety concerns about blocked sight lines. 

Motorists approaching Maple and Main Streets, near the new main entrance to New Canaan Library, often are prevented from seeing northbound traffic on Main due to large vehicles parking in a spot on the southwest corner of the intersection, according to Parking Commissioner Marley Thackray. Thackray said during the Parking Commission’s most recent meeting that residents have spoken to her personally about the safety concern—one that she shares as someone who travels through the area multiple times per day—and that it came up on New Canaan Moms in June.  

“This comes on the heels of how nobody wants to lose any more parking space, but I literally say a Hail Mary every time I go through this intersection, because I can’t see anything,” Thackray said during the Commission’s Aug. 2 meeting, held at Town Hall and via videoconference. Parking Manager Stacy Miltenberg said she did reach out to those parking large trucks in the space to ensure they try to leave it for regularly sized vehicles and continue to abide by the two-hour limit.

Town Upholds $150 Ticket Issued to Driver Who Illegally Used Disabled Space in Private Lot

Parking officials last week upheld a $150 ticket issued to a delivery driver using a disabled space in a private lot on Pine Street. The Parking Commission during its regular meeting April 7 voted 4-0 to uphold the ticket, given to a driver in the heavily used Pine Street Concessions lot. Parking Manager Stacy Miltenberg said at the meeting that disabled spaces fall under state statutes, including those in private lots “so we are allowed to go in there and ticket anybody who dos not have a handicapped permit and is parked in a handicapped space in a private lot.”

“And in addition, that particular area we get several complaints that people just utilize that spot as a regular spot and do not leave it open for people who need it, so it’s monitored on a regular basis,” Miltenberg said at the meeting, held via videoconference. 

Chair Laura Budd and Commissioners Nancy Bemis, Drew Magratten and Marley Thackray voted to uphold the ticket. The driver himself did not appear at the hearing. He said in a written appeal that he’d only been in the space for five minutes, the Commission said.

Parking Commission Upholds $50 Ticket Issued to Starbucks Worker Who Parked the Wrong Way on Elm Street

Town officials last week voted to uphold a $50 ticket issued to a Starbucks employee who’d backed into an angled parking space on Elm Street. Christopher Diaz told members of the Parking Commission during his Feb. 7 appeal hearing that he had crossed the Starbucks lot and exited onto Elm Street very early on the morning in question (Nov. 3, a Wednesday). 

Then he “backed into the spot, always the very first spot” by the coffee shop, Diaz said during the hearing, held via videoconference. 

“My style is always to back into a spot, that’s something I do wherever I go,” Diaz said. “So I didn’t think twice.