4 thoughts on “‘Very Hard To Watch’: Deer Dragging ‘Leghold Trap’ Seen in New Canaan

  1. to stop this problem — get ride of the coyotes — the reason for the traps
    their not catching minks — Again I said this before — the town should hire some one to humanly trap the coyotes and relocate them what would it cost $20,000+ to protect our pets and other wildlife — can’t be that many out there — just think if little Oreo had stepped into one of these traps he would have never made it back home

  2. I just e-mailed our newly elected officials and incumbent (Alex Bergstein, Will Haskell, Tom O’Dea and Lucy Dathan) to support a bill which would allow local municipalities to decide whether to ban the use of leghold traps.
    A powerful opponent is the DEEP. According to New Canaanite’s edition (January 8, 2017) DEEP opposes this bill that was introduced by State Rep Rep Camillo (R-151) last year.
    ““We just need people to reach out to their representatives and senators.”

  3. Halm makes assumptions and speaks from opinion only. Her statement “the traps are not supposed to be placed where deer can get into them” is just a statement and not a rule of any sort. Trails and woods are used by all types of animals and a trap does not discriminate. I beg of you all to tell me where in the state of Connecticut does a deer not step outdoors. These foothold traps weren’t designed to be used ten foot up a tree. I would agree The trap should have been anchored properly but deer are strong and can pull an anchor up from soft ground or snap a anchor cable that could have been compromised. I’ve also had this happen and the deer pull right out easily, but for some reason this didn’t happen in this instance. This type of thing doesn’t happen everyday nor does it mean it was set by an uneducated trapper so any effort to use this article to push an anti-trapping agenda would not be well founded in facts. The anti-agenda was designed to capitalize on compassionate hearts. Fact is trappers do not want to see an animal suffer but they do need tools such as traps to manage populations of animals effectively. The DEEP will make efforts to find the deer and remove the trap and that’s really where this conversation should end.

  4. Marty — maybe you can enlighten us — what are you trapping
    “I’ve also had this happen” and why — we need to know and
    who are you doing it for — the more info on this subject would
    be helpful — and why not haveaheart traps that cause no pain ??

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