‘A Man of Great Integrity’: Town Administrative Officer Tom Stadler To Retire


Tom Stadler. Credit: Michael Dinan

Tom Stadler, for 12 years administrative officer to the first selectman, is to retire this summer, officials announced Tuesday.

A CPA who spent much of his career with Deloitte & Touche and is widely known in the community for his involvement with New Canaan Baseball, Stadler has been a mainstay in the office of New Canaan’s highest elected official for three administrations. 

Addressing the Board of Selectmen at its regular meeting, as well as several municipal department heads, Stadler said, “I love all of you. I am going to miss you dearly.”

Katherine (Kate) Florence Stadler, born March 2, 2016. Photo courtesy of her grandfather, Tom

“I’m going to miss everyone dearly, but a time comes,” he said during the meeting, held via videoconference. “The time really does come. When that old red Jeep wears out and quits running, I’ve got to retire. And you know what? The old red Jeep is falling apart. The frame is cracking. So maybe it’s spend time to go spend time with my family, my in-laws and my four wonderful grand-girls, who are one to seven [years old]. So we are going to go spend a whole lot of time with them. So thank you all.”

As administrative officer, Stadler has assisted the first selectman directly and served as secretary to the Board, taking minutes at public meetings and fielding public records requests. He also has served as risk manager for the town, according to the municipal website. Friendly, responsive, knowledgeable and diligent, Stadler is widely liked in Town Hall and New Canaan. Among other community endeavors, he long has chaired the Family Fourth Committee that organizes the fireworks at Waveny. At Town Hall, though working closely with first selectmen, he has deftly and discreetly avoided politicking. 

Stadler’s retirement will take effect in September, officials said.

The Town Council on July 20, 2016 recognized the members of the New Canaan Family Fourth Committee during its regular meeting at Town Hall. L-R (front row): Win Goodrich, Steve Parrett, Doug Richardson, Scott Cluett, Suzanne Jonker, Steve Benko, Rob Mallozzi and Tom Stadler. Credit: Michael Dinan

Selectman Nick Williams called him “a New Canaan treasure.”

“He is calm, cool and always collected,” Williams said. “He cares deeply about New Canaan and he is the nicest darn guy you will ever meet in any town in the United States. He is just a super wonderful human being and a model for all of us.”

Selectman Kit Devereaux called him “a man of great integrity and talent.”

“And he has gifted New Canaan with that forever, so my hat is off to him,” Devereaux said.

The $126,000 job will go to New Canaan resident Tucker Murphy, First Selectman Kevin Moynihan said. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the town posted the government job or interviewed other applicants. 

The change comes on the heels of Devereaux announcing her resignation due to an upcoming move, and the widely discussed ouster of Emergency Management Director Mike Handler. (It’s not clear who will succeed Handler full-time in the volunteer role, though Moynihan during a separate agenda item at the meeting made special mention of town resident Stuart Sawabini, a former Police Commissioner. “Thank you, Stuart, for your service,” Moynihan said. “Stuart is one of our best volunteers and I’ve got to talk to Stuart about something else soon.”)

Moynihan during the meeting noted Stadler’s “tremendous service to New Canaan.”

“It’s been quite a ride and we appreciate Tom’s service,” he said.

11 thoughts on “‘A Man of Great Integrity’: Town Administrative Officer Tom Stadler To Retire

  1. Tom is the best ! He is irreplaceable ask anyone in town government
    Best to him always in his retirement— enjoy

  2. Tom, you are a gem, always positive, honest and trustworthy. Thank you for 12 years of your talent. You will be sorely missed by all.
    Enjoy your wonderful granddaughters.

  3. Tom Stadler is a man for all seasons and a man for all reasons as a stellar advocate for New Canaan. We shall miss you, Tom – but I know that you will find yourself even busier than ever with your wonderful family!!

  4. Wow! Then it is for real. And I just saw you yesterday at Town Hall when you mentioned it to me. I always enjoyed our chats and of course your guidance for the annual Family Fourth event. Tom I wish you cherished time with your family, sleeping in a little later and who knows, future endeavors that might require a new red jeep!
    Warmest wishes my friend,

  5. Tom is always most gracious, courteous and helpful, in my own personal experience, and when the town has found itself coping with turbulent issues at times over the years, he has always had both hands on the tiller, keeping us on a steady, civil course. Thanks, Tom – great work.

  6. Tom’s steady hand and wisdom have benefited us all! A terrific man, who did a terrific job. Thank you Tom!

  7. Thank you Tom – you are the best! Tucker has big shoes to fill but she is the perfect choice. All the best to you both!

  8. Tom is the kind of person who says yes to your request – and then figures out how to get to that yes. Always positive and helpful. He has been a pleasure to deal with in every way. His lucky family gets to see more of him now. Thank you to him for his service and to them for sharing him with us!

  9. Tom is a fount of knowledge on so many details that affect the way we carry out the functions of government in our town. I for one will miss his counsel and good humor. Enjoy the grandkids! All the best.

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