14 thoughts on “Longtime Resident, Selectman Kit Devereaux To Move Out of State 

  1. Best Wishes, Kit.
    You are an awesome public servant who will be sorely missed. You have served our Town well in all of your many roles: Town Council, BOF, BOS, Park and Rec, Kiwanis Club, etc. Thank you for everything.
    Enjoy your family in Maryland.

  2. Oh Kit, we will miss you so much. “Affable” doesn’t begin to describe you. How about fearless, measured, principled, moral, compassionate, brilliant and hardworking!
    New Canaan has been so lucky to have you, as have all of your many, many friends and colleagues.

  3. Every now and then, I write to town officials; Kit is the only one who replies. That’s par for the course for someone who understands what public service is really about. Kit, I will miss your brilliance and warmth. Good luck in MD, but it’s a huge loss for NC!

  4. Kit – what a great day for you and such a sad day for New Canaan. Your leadership has been steady, solid and inspiring – the voice of calm reason. Thank you for listening, thank you for serving always with the best for our community in the forefront. You will be sorely missed.

  5. Congratulations Kit. I so much enjoyed serving with you on Town Council. You had such a kind and positive approach to the issues of the day and were a wonderful consensus builder. I felt a kindred spirt connection and now I read that you are a Hamilton College grad. Carissima! -Bob Hamill

  6. Thank you for everything, Kit and best to you and your family. I’ve only lived in NC for 12 years. In that time, you have been a civil, intelligent and integrity filled voice of reason. It’s also clear that you’ve been a tireless leader. One must serve in order to lead, and serve you have. Our loss is clearly Maryland’s gain.

  7. I first emailed Kit 12 yrs ago when she was on the TC and would always
    Respond— a wonderful person who deeply cared about our Town
    She will be missed

  8. To Kit: My dear friend who is so full of integrity, intelligence, and the most generous spirit – the town will miss you!! You are a joy to work with – from the Library, or Human Services with The League of Women Voters on joint programs , or to any number of other organizations you volunteered with so often, – with the betterment of New Canaan as your first concern.

    Mostly, I will miss you,my dear friend, your husband, Robert, and of course you constant sidekick ,Louis – who is always with you. I wish you Health and Happiness in your new adventure!

  9. Kit, we’ll miss you — your positive approach, your energy, your caring. You made a difference, and we appreciate it.

  10. Good luck to you you Kit. Enjoy your family in MD. I enjoyed working with you over the years when I worked as Director of Finance and Operations at the Board of Education. I too moved to be near my children and little grandsons. You will love it!

  11. Kit,

    We will miss you. So sorry we never got to have you as our First Selectwoman. Truly New Canaan’s loss!

  12. I want to thank you again for marrying John and I seven years ago!!! We want to wish you and your family the best in your new adventure and thank for all that you have done for this town your voice will be missed. Thank You

  13. Wow, Kit. I am so happy for you in that you will be moving near your daughter and her family. But I know New Canaan will sorely miss you and all your wonderful volunteer and thoughtful acts for the town. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  14. Kit. Are you sure we can do without you? I’m not. I am so happy for you about the move. It sounds great. But, I can’t imagine anyone nearly as good as you filling your proverbial shoes.

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