New Canaan’s Most Popular Cars


Karl Chevrolet was founded in 1927 by Leo and Emil Karl, two of seven brothers. Photo courtesy of the New Canaan Museum & Historical Society

The oldest automobiles registered in New Canaan is a 1915 Ford Model T and a 1915 Harley-Davidson Twin motorcycle, tax records show.

After that, the oldest autos include a 1922 Seagrave Pumper, 1923 Model T and 1927 Rolls Royce, according to the most recently completed Grand List, which includes taxable real and motor vehicle property.

Once again in New Canaan—host of the popular Caffeine & Carburetors car show (cancelled so far this year due to the COVID-19 public health emergency) and home to 92-year-old dealership in Karl Chevrolet, one of the best-established companies in town—two makes of cars stand out atop the list of the most commonly owned vehicles. Both BMW and Chevrolet cracked the 1,500 mark, whereas no other single car company reached 1,200 locally registered vehicles. 

Asked how the dealership and repair shop is faring during the public health emergency, Karl Chevrolet Vice President Steve Karl said they’re “very fortunate to have the support of our local community, especially during times like this.”

“September will mark our 93rd year in business and while we have faced many large challenges over the years, nothing could have prepared us for a global pandemic,” he said. “Like every local business, COVID has made us think outside the box and it has tested us in multiple ways, but our staff has stepped up and continues to fight through the issues every day. We all understand how lucky we are to be a small part of the strong local business community that makes New Canaan such an exceptional place to work and shop. Having so many local families select our brand for their transportation needs is something we are extremely proud of.”

The business has developed a loyal following in its near-century in New Canaan, he said.

“On a personal note, nothing makes me happier than seeing a carload of kids jumping out of a Suburban or Tahoe onto the fields at Waveny for a soccer game or over at Mead for a baseball game,” Karl added. “It brings back great memories of my boys and never gets old.”

Here’s a look at the top-10 most popular car makes:

New Canaan's Most Popular Cars

MakeNo. of Cars
Source: New Canaan Assessor Office, 2019 Grand List


New Canaan has 493 Porsches, four McLarens, five Rolls Royces, 19 Aston Martins, 33 Alfa Romeos, 31 Ferraris, 38 Maseratis, four Lotuses and 137 Teslas, according to the Grand List.

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