2 thoughts on “Affordable Housing Committee Elects Officers, Hears from Town Officials at First Meeting

  1. The Afforable Housing Committee has a large task ahead and needs the support of all residents in the town. The 830g law has presented many challenges and there are no easy answers. As this process moves forward, it would be important for the committee to meet with several people that may be overlooked in the process. These include , Bethany Zaro and Marcella Rand at New Canaan Health and Human Services, Amy Hernandez, Property Manager at Millport Apartments ,Chandrita Evans, Property Manager at Canaan Parish and some residents at the properties. They can provide information that may not be available from another source.

  2. I would urge the committee to consider developing projects that would be a mix of “affordable” and market rate units. If Karp can make solid profit margins with 30% affordable units, then the town should be able to make more affordable housing, and not have it cost us all 400k per apartment.

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