3 thoughts on “Board of Ed Divided on Best Calendar for 2025-26 School Year

  1. I hope I am counting right but so far adding Columbus Day as a holiday has occupied 3 BOE meetings whilst making the decision and now at least another 2 making it work. Ms Toals suggestion of sticking a professional learning day into February break may be convenient for her but shows no concern for allowing our teachers to enjoy a full week of break with their families.
    Here’s another idea, take Columbus Day back as an important day of learning in the fall for our students when they need it.

  2. As interesting as anecdotal info is, It would be beneficial to be able to quickly and easily allow school community members to share their thoughts on issues like this. An informal, online referendum tool would do the trick.

  3. For candidates who stated how well they knew New Canaan families while campaigning, I beg to differ. Put the kids back in school on Columbus Day. Otherwise, send out a poll to current families and teachers and make an informed decision once and for all.

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