Selectmen Approve $440,000 Contract for Repaving Lots at NCHS

The Board of Selectmen on Tuesday approved an approximately $440,000 contract with a Norwalk company to mill and pave two parking lots at New Canaan High School. FGB Construction will work on the band lot at the northern end of the NCHS campus as well as the bus lot on the eastern side, according to Public Works Director Tiger Mann. The paving work will commence in the second or third week in August and will take about five to six days total, Mann told the selectmen at their regular meeting, held in Town Hall and via videoconference. “We did other the side, the student lots and the ‘jock lot’ two year ago,” he said. “Last year we had a pause and this year we’re coming in to finish the remaining lots themselves.”

First Selectman Kevin Moynihan and Selectmen Kathleen Corbet and Nick Williams voted 3-0 in favor of the contract. 

The selectmen asked whether the funds were coming from the regular paving bond (no it’s from the district’s budget), what is the useful life of such a project (about 20 years) and when was the last time the lots were redone (at the time of the NCHS renovation).

Documents: Town Pursuing Installation of Cell Tower Behind West School

More than five years after neighbors and parents voiced objections to a similar plan, town officials are once again considering the installation of a cell tower behind West School. The town has been working with a Danbury-based wireless infrastructure company to site a tower at 769 Ponus Ridge, the 47.4-acre parcel where West School is located, documents show. 

According to the public packet for Tuesday’s Board of Selectmen meeting, the town is considering two sites east of the Aquarion-owned water tank back of West School for a 125-foot-high “monopine” tower. Both “Option A” and “Option B” are due east of the school, with the latter very close to the Winfield Lane cul-de-sac. 

Homeland Towers is scheduled to discuss the plans before the Board of Selectmen at its regular meeting at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, according to the meeting agenda. 

Town officials through the past two administrations have worked to address a lack of cellular coverage in large areas of the town. 

The idea of siting a cell tower in the woods behind West School isn’t new. The New Canaan Utilities Commission—which First Selectman Kevin Moynihan rendered “dormant” four-plus years ago, over the objections of then-Selectman Kit Devereaux—in 2017 concluded following years of work and research that West School was “ideally situated” for boosting cell coverage in the western, northwestern and even southern parts of town, to the bottom of Frogtown Road. Specifically, the Utilities Commission said at the time that hired consultants (the same Homeland Towers) had found a point east of the water tank that’s at a good elevation for a tower that will cover a wider area.

Op-Ed: New Canaan High School Senior Art Awards 

The year was 1969. A year of change, revolution and an historical benchmark in our country’s history. Apollo 11 was launched from Kennedy Space Center, making historic progress in space travel by successfully entering our moon’s orbit with a safe landing and return. While the war in Vietnam continued, many back home were coming together to make a stand for their beliefs, like the 400,000 people that migrated to the Woodstock Music Festival to experience the hymns of rock and roll. Political activism sparked by demonstrations, rallies, riots and raids across the country, with movements like the Stonewall Uprising, proved to be pivotal in this special year of our nation’s history. 

But what exactly was happening in New Canaan High School in 1969?

‘You Did It’: NCHS Class of 2022 Graduates [VIDEO]

This year’s New Canaan High School seniors had been confident sophomores in 2020, math teacher and lacrosse coach Sean Killelea recalled Thursday afternoon. By the time the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they’d already advanced from freshmen taking in the newness of “open campus, choosing classes” and “lockers you’ll never use,” to 10th-graders with “undeniable” swagger, Killelea told the NCHS Class of 2020 during their graduation ceremony, held under gray skies at Dunning Stadium. “The change from a freshman to a sophomore is like Justin Bieber with the hair to Biebs with the tats,” Killelea said, drawing laughter from students and hundreds of their families and friends packed into the stands on both sides of the field. “Then all of a sudden you hear rumblings of a virus in Asia, it’s coming across the pacific, it’s coming to the U.S., it’s coming to the northeast,” he said. “Then the world changed.

New Canaan High School Q3 Honors, High Honors Rolls 

What follows are the Honors and High Honors Rolls for New Canaan High School students in the third quarter of the 2021-22 academic year, provided by district officials. Grade 12 High Honors

Milan Afshar    
Erica Angilletta    
Ben Apicella    
Sophie Austin    
Carolyn Baran    
Meghan Barker    
Anna Barnard    
Zoey Bennett    
Dillon Blair    
Clara Bloom    
Evelyn Bradley    
Julian Brawn    
Cole Brindisi    
Eliana Bukai    
Lilah-Jane Challe    
Abigail Cheney    
Daniel Chesney    
Lillian Codd    
Keira Cooney    
Charles Corcoran    
Grace Crowell    
Isabella Dial    L
auren Doherty    
Meghan Driscoll    
Jackson Easley    
Kate Fedeli    
Connor Finnigan    
Sam Funk    
Mia Gallo    
Kristina Gashi    
Katherine Greer    
Susanna Grzymski    
Kaleigh Harden    
Sydney Haydu    
Richard Hernandez    
Faith Hibbert    
Kathryn Hunter    
Charlotte Jensen    
Eve Johansson    
Andrew Kalten    
Anna Kaufman    
Zoe Kelly    
Matthew Kim    
Madeline Kloud    
Mara Koschnitzke    
Alexandra Lagaros    
Emma Lamaker    
Lauren Lehnert    
William Lewis    
Kevin Li    
Andy Liang    
Isabella Licata    
Claire Mahoney    
Michael Mank    
Jack Marshall    
Gavin Mason    
Charles Mehos    
Lauren Mellas    
Ellen Minckler    
Alyssa Mulligan    
Connor Murphy    
Ryan Murphy    
Dylan Murray    
Reagan Mushkin    
Aleena Nasruddin    
Michael Norton    
Ella O’Hare    
Ella Olafsson    
Sofia Paschalidis    
Savannah Phillips    
Fiona Power    
Rachel Pyne    
Noah Radecki    
Elizabeth Reed    
Larson Riccoboni    
Jasmine Robertson    
Katerina Roth    
Devarshee Roy    
Avery Russey    
Sophia Rwambuya    
Barrett Schmitz    
Cole Schubert    
Katie Servidio    
Riley Shipman    
Anthony Shizari    
Jacqueline Siegel    
Nina Sirois    
Vaughn Slatoff    
Delaney Smith    
Julie Song    
Mark Symon    
Robert Toland    
Estella Trygg    
Caitlin Tully    
Stella Turner    
Caroline Vincent    
Maeson Wagner    
Zoe Walker    
Carolina Welch    
Mia Wells    
Alexander Wolter    
Molly Wunderlich    
Ryder Zimmerman   

Grade 11 High Honors

Isabella Aderholt-Koon    
Trevor Anfindsen    
Alexander Arnold    
Charlotte Arrix    
Reagan Bailey    
Brian Balkun   
Brandon Barket    
Mia Barlow    
Skylar Bennett    
Charles Besgen    
Walker Blair    
Jenna Braccio    
Kara Braccio    
Megan Brunner    
Cora Linn Burke    
Holden Busby    
Amelia Bush-Gravelle    
Katharine Byrne    
Matteo Cain    
Katherine Caione    
Michael Caldero    
Mae Campbell    
Mary Cannon    
Alexander Capelo    
Olivia Carlberg    
James Casey    
William Casey    
Charles Chisholm    
Gilbert Clay    
Taylor Cloud    
June Cochran    
Grace Corcoran    
Tessa Cosco    
Alexa Crawford    
Lucia Crovatto    
Abigail Cushman    
Paige Della Bitta    
Cooper Dinan    
Madeline Donaldson    
Andrew Dooley    
Sophia Doshi    
Alexsandra Duane    
Julia Dunn    
William Durfee    
Emily Eason    
Katrina Farese    
Shawna Ferraro    
Cristina Ferreira    
Thatcher Findlay    
Ava Fonss    
Sebastian Frank    
Lea Furlan    
Elise Gallois    
Matthew Gearhart    
Griffin Gentner    
Hayley George    
Ava Giorno    
Thomas Goetz    
Oliver Gray    
Tyler Groff    
Myles Gropper    
Elizabeth Grosz    
Kelci Haley    
Ewan Hamilton    
Reese Hanrattie    
Anders Hansen    
Olivia Harasiuk    
Charles Harrison    
Saige Hartslief    
Robert Hellmann    
Isabella Herrmann    
Abigail Holmstead    
Owen Hunter    
Mariana Illarramendi    
Ella Imbruce    
William Jessop    
Jonathan Jordan    
Hari Joshi    
Nola Kammerer    
Tyler Kelliher    
Susan Kim    
Emma Krystman    
Santiago Lacayo    
Graham Ladley    
Avery Laird    
Gregory Lamoreaux    
Charles Lampen    
Luc Lampert    
Caroline Langford    
Sydney Lanxon    
William Larson    
Jamison Leahy    
Ariel Levine    
Nicolas Limone    
Eve Lindberg    
Victoria Lockhart    
Benjamin Madan    
Charlotte Marasciullo    
Lorenzo Marsili    
Sophie Martinez    
Amira Massoud    
Cullen McCarthy    
Christopher McLallen    
Aidan McLaughlin    
Christopher Michelini    
Ella Mihailoff    
Avery Morawa    
Lindsay Mulcahy    
Lindsey Mulle    
Finley Murray    
Hunter Nelson    
Victoria Novothny   
Katherine O’Connell    
Lauren O’Malley    
Sophie O’Neil    
Morgan O’Regan    
Maxmilian Pace    
Julia Paine    
Elizabeth Parkhill    
Adam Parrino    
Polly Parsons    
Ella Patterson    
Natalie Penman    
Javier Perez Soto    
Grant Pittaro    
Serena Platt    
Natalie Plosker    
Ava Prochilo    
Declan Ratner    
Molly Reed    
Andrew Rittenberry    
Lili Rivas    
Amanda Robertson    
Samantha Rosano    
Theodore Rosen    
Patrick Russo    
Alessandra Rutigliano    
Adam Sabo    
Mia Sanseverino    
Julia Sarda    
Georgia Saxe    
Chloe Schlesinger    
Kate Shumway    
Evelyn Slatoff    
Ellie Smith    
Sadie Sorensen    
Lorea Sprackling    
Katherine Squillante    
Amelia Stallings    
Nicolas Strazsky    
Nicole Talamo    
William Tang    
Ellerie Tauber    
Mark Taubner    
Emily Tedford    
Praja Tickoo    
Kira Titova    
Ryan Tonghini    
John Totaro    
Oliver Tuff    
Caroline Underwood    
Luke Urgo    
Sienna Veroude    
Joshua Vetterli    
Diane Wallace   
Kate Warner    
Danielle Wartinbee    
Sean Watchmaker   
Jesslyn Wei    
Cameron Wietfeldt    
Toby Woods    
Jonathan Yoo    
Sophia Youngs    
Andrew Yuan    
Laurel Zaffino    
Peyton Zaletsky    
Olivia Zaorski    
Ignacio Zelaya Lucker    
Thomas Ziegler   

Grade 10 High Honors

Summer Achille    
Lucas Alvarez    
Hayden Anderson    
Apollonia Antoniou    
Isabel Appelt    
Lily Auerbach    
Felix Austin    
Pierce Baker    
Augusto Baldini    
Ryan Barnard    
Kole Bavoso    
Drew Bench    
Jackson Bench    
Alexander Benevento    
Gregory Blatt    
Thomas Borthwick    
Griffin Bramwit    
Nicholas Brillo    
Natalie Bukai    
Lucia Camporin    
Audrey Carr    
Madelyn Casey    
Isabel Cavanagh    
James Cheney    
Miles Chisholm    
Isabella Cimino    
Cooper Colthup    
Anderson Cook    
Tiernan Cooney    
Alexandra Cota    
Avery Cotton    
Brian Crowell    
Wilson Crowley    
Anna Cuesta    
Charles Dathan    
Ricardo de Guzman    
Matthew Doka    
Aaliyah Doscher    
Kailin Downey    
Raphael Drake    
Abbie Dymond    
Hunter Elgarrahy    
Lauren Eno    
Maxon Ericsson    
Mia Fannon    
Emma Finnerty    
Bridget Flatow    
Luke Frame    
Alexandra Gelvin    
Alessia Gianatasio    
Sofia Gibb    
Catherine Goldman    
Finnian Greiner    
Sloane Griffiths   
Riley Grise    
Catherine Haddad    
Alexis Hanlon    
William Hanover    
Christopher Harrison    
Rowan Hartley    
William Heyn    
Maeve Hibbert    
Logan Hickey    
Sunny Holland    
Luke Huang    
Rubina Isfahani    
Madeline Iulo    
Audrey Ives    
Sophie Jones    
Rani Joshi   
Annika Khurana    
John Konidaris    
Jacob Kozar    
Ankita Kuttichirayil    
Isabella Lane    
Daryl Lavin    
Lauryn Lee    
Skylar Lee    
Richard Legge    
Maxwell Lowe    
Nicole Luchette    
Ivan Lvovskiy    
Owen Lydon    
Trifan MacIntire    
Carolina Malagoli    
Isabella Mandel    
Kailey Marti    
Campbell McGurk    
Elizabeth McLaughlin    
Adrian McMahon    
Bernadette McNamara    
Brooke Mellas    
Ashley Mercede    
Olivia Mitchell    
Ignacio Morales    
Annabelle Murphy    
Margaret Murphy    
Kathryn Norton    
Claire Ognibene    
Bryndis Olafsson    
Luca Pantaleo    
Ellie Park    
Celia Parkhill    
Tyler Pascarella    
Christian Passios   
Quentin Pearl    
Claire Pellegrino    
Emma Peloso    
Ava Pertusiello    
Brady Pesaturo    
Susan Peter    
Chase Pinkernell    
Rachel Pitts    
Alexander Powers    
Reagan Quinn    
Shannon Ratner    
Matthew Raymond    
Benjamin Reagan    
Andrew Reed    
Hannah Reid    
Jackson Reiss    
Daniel Ristic    
Melissa Crisci Rizzo    
Samuel Robertson    
Halle Roddy    
Nathaniel Rucci    
Devon Russell    
Drew Russell    
Anav Sahay    
Alexa Saridakis    
Isabelle Schuh    
Piper Severance    
John Sheffield    
Sabeel Sheikh    
Kieran Shin    
Olivia Shizari    
Benjamin Sibbett    
Sydney Sibilia    
Nathan Sieckhaus    
Elizabeth Sieghart    
Carter Sihpol    
Henry Silva    
Colin Smith    
Edward Smith    
Hugo Smith    
Nathan Smock    
Jack Sommers    
Alexandra Steinberg    
Dillon Stephens    
Aine Stevens    
Benjamin Sturcke    
William Sweet    
Graydon Tamasco    
Logan Thom    
Alexis Tully    
Amanda Vigano    
Tema Wagner    
Hadley Walker    
Christopher Wells    
Alexander Werner    
Theodore Werner    
India White    
Theodore Whittaker    
Peri Wills    
Cole Wilson    
Clara Wollmeringer    
John Wolpers    
Linley Zimmerman    
Kevin Zuo    
Layla Zuwiyya   


Grade 9 High Honors

Amanda Aalto    
Saivinish Akavaramu    
Matthew Angilletta    
Finlay Arrix    
Gabriel Babayev    
Ashton Baker    
Maeve Barket    
Pia Bausman    
Ciara Bell    
Emma Bergheim    
Elizabeth Besgen    
Andrew Blackwell    
Benjamin Bognon    
Ryan Boulanger    
Cecily Bradley    
Annabelle Bristol    
Chelsea Britz    
Madeline Brown    
Stephen Brown    
Charlotte Campbell    
Alexander Cannon    
James Casey    
Tyler Celiberti    
Chloe Chan    
Arnav Chaudhary    
Elizabeth Cheng    
Vihaan Choksi    
Everett Collin    
Jaelin Companik    
Cassandra Cronk    
Addison Crowley    
Santino Crudele-Sands    
Gianluca D’Andrea    
Carielle D’Elisa    
Wilhemina DeFosset    
Drew DeGaetano    
Darian DiMuzio    
Jacqueline Doherty    
Jake Donohue    
Grace Driscoll    
Annabel Duffee    
Lily Dunn    
Lincoln Durfee    
Katherine Evans    
Sophie Evseev    
Isabel Fan   
Nikki Ferraro    
Page Fields    
Bianca Formoso    
Riley Fortmann    
Sarah Frank    
Aidan Frisch    
Sander Frydenberg-Vieille    
Sofia Fuentes Jimenez    
Nathaniel Furman    
Chrysoula Gabriel    
Angelina Gao    
Leilani Gao    
Joaquin Garcia-Berg    
Alessandra Gass    
Chloe George    
Anne Gilliam    
Theodore Goetz    
Bennett Gropper    
Jack Haley   
Samantha Haley    
Preston Hanrattie    
Alice Hanson    
Chase Harden    
Brendon Harmon    
Edward Harrison    
Hayley Hewitt    
Ronan Hillmann    
Lily Hole    
Eric Huang    
Zoey Hull    
Cassandra Jessen    
Rhea Jha    
Erik Johnson    
Jack Kalten    
Benjamin Kim    
Meredith Knauf    
Alexandra Kotlyar    
Katherine Kupchak    
Alexandra LaSusa    
Ryan Leahy    
Viola Li    
Ava Licata    
Slade Logsdon    
Dianna Luccarelli    
Bryce Lyden    
Megan Lynch    
Brandon Ma    
Andrew Mank    
Daisy Marasciullo    
Emilia Martinez    
Sydney Mashia    
Christopher Masiuk    
Piper Maxey    
Connor Mazza    
Kathleen McDonough   
Julia McPhillips    
Amy Meng    
Tara Menon    
William Merritt    
Sarah Mettler    
Leo Mikkola-Patel    
Kaisa Milligan    
Nicholas Mohamad    
Olivia Mohr    
Jacqueline Mulle    
Pippa Murray    
Serena O’Connor    
Danielle O’Malley    
Timothy Orelup    
Dylan Pabon    
Spencer Paine    
Mason Park    
Sydney Patten    
Cecilia Patterson    
Katherine Patterson    
Anthony Pellicci    
Melissa Phillips    
Thomas Pisant    
Luke Pittaro    
Charles Place    
Paige Place    
Samantha Plosker    
Reese Quinn    
Radea Raleva    
Aidan Rama    
Dylan Rees    
Maria Riccardelli    
Tessa Riley    
Susanna Rittenberry    
Lawrence Robinson    
Sophie Root    
Ellen Rosen    
Ryan Ross    
Emma Row    
Alexander Russey    
Naomi Salami    
Pranav Sant    
Sebastian Saridakis    
Isabella Sarracino    
Celina Savage    
Katherine Sawyer    
Tahlia Scherer    
Urtina Sejdaj    
Priya Shah    
Rohan Shenoy    
Siddhi Singhania    
Mattie Sirois    
Tedrah Smedley    
Lauren Smith    
Caroline Squillante    
Sophia Staron    
William Sullivan    
Henry Tate   
Adeliese Tauber    
Annie Taubner    
Aidan Taylor    
Simon Tchakarov    
Isabella Temple    
Lisa Tremblay    
Anna Truslow    
Everett Trygg    
Ethan Tseng    
Madeline Tully    
Georgia Turner    
Aditya Tyagi    
Sophie Walther   
Samuel Wang    
Brenden Wells    
Penelope Werner    
Charles West    
Caeleb Wilderman    
Chloe Wildman    
Lola Wildman    
Kai Williams    
Lucas Williams    
Mason Williams    
Johann Wrede    
Brooks Wunderlich    
Daniel Yoo    
Alexander Yuan    
Faizal Zakir 
Zakir Hussain   


Grade 12 Honors

Beau Ahrens    
Matthew Axon    
Conor Bailey    
Hadley Beiles    
Peter Benington    
Ava Biasotti    
Matthew Boland    
Christopher Bopp    
Lukas Brown    
Catherine Burges    
Sofia Carlberg    
James Crehan    
Henry Cunney    
Sadie Curcio    
Matthew Daddona    
Sara Dayya    
Marc DeGaetano    
Nicholas Deligtisch    
Logan Diaz    
Isabelle Dunlap    
Grace Flatow    
Taylor Flowers    
Cameron Forte    
Natalie Frank    
Rachel Gilio    
Grace Gilman    
Alexander Hamilton    
Brandon Heagle    
Connor Ho    
Matthew Homan    
Alexander Hsu    
Kiera Hynes   
Sara Kaiser    
Elodie Koo    
Noah Kozlowski    
Thomas Kurz    
Amelie L’Henaff    
Nina Laing    
Jade Lowe    
Raya Mahale    
Marina Mallozzi    
Erica Mandel    
Jasmine Mansourov    
Matthew Mazabras    
Jack McPhillips    
Claire Meli    
Tyler Morse    
Sidonie Moutran    
Hollis Mulry    
Avalon Neleman    
Dillyn Patten    
Tristan Pearl    
Isaac Piegat    
Taylor Pinkernell    
Vita Pivtorak    
Zackary Ramppen    
Imogen Rawlings-Green    
Andrew Rechtermann    
James Roddy    
Katerina Root    
Chad Russo    
Alexandra Schauer    
Caleb Scola    
Mahmoud Sidani    
Meredith Sloan    
Joshua Snelwar    
William Stallings    
Logan Sykes    
Perrin Tamasco    
Skyler Timberlake    
Brendan Tiscornia    
Jayne Towers    
Osasu Uwa-Omede   
Justin Villeneuve    
Aashna Wadhwani    
Andrew Weingarten    
Damian Widelski   


Grade 11 Honors

Dylan Amaswache    
Danielle Asare    
Alexondra Banford    
Gianluca Battisti    
Jakob Bausman    
Paxton Beladino    
Andrew Bell    
Amanda Benson    
Abigayle Bleil    
Benjamin Bo    
Brendan Briggs    
Jack Buttine    
Benjamin Capelo    
Ryan Connelly    
Elena Dashi    
Vitor De Azevedo Pereira    
Gabriela DeFelice    
Irving Dorman    
Virginia Easley    
Salma Ettamymy    
Abigail Evans    
Scott Fitzgibbon    
Maximus Formoso    
Spencer James Myles Fuller-Wright    
Richard Gardiner    
Caitlyn Gelchie    Ellie Gusitsch    
Brendan Hagan   
David Hanson    Bridget Hillmann    Delaney Hoey    Beau Johnson    
Beatrice Kelly    
Payton Koch    
Kennedy Kreutzer    
Harry Lee    
Kaitlyn Maggio    
Judith Mara    
Kelly Marchiony    
Jeronimo Marsili    
Berkley Matthews    
Rory McCarthy    
Madeline McDaniel    
Thomas McInerney    
Sebastian McNeil    
Caitlin Mijne    
Chastity Monaghan    
Jovany Montano    
Anila Morina    
Youl Na    
Andrew Nolan    
Stella Nolan    
Connor O’Donnell    
Anna Olesnevich    
Stefano Orlando    
Maylis Pabon    
Leo Pagano    
Katherine Paris    
William Pepe    
Colin Perkins    
Olivia Pivovar    
Gabriele Pozzolini    
Charlotte Price    
Brandon Qela    
Edward Ravanesi    
Tony Redondo   
Alberto Reyes    
Abigail Richardson    
Jocelyn Riley    
Daniel Rogers    
Sebastian Roman Medina    
Jerome Roscoe    
Ambereen Sadiq    
Elisabeth Sawyer    
India Sutton    
Oliver Tchakarov    
Colin Tiscornia    
Amelia Totaro    
Lee Vance    
William Webster    
Katherine Wronski    
Ava Zinczenko    
Spencer Zwick

Grade 10 Honors

Chase Abbott    
Anna Altier    
Brooke Anfindsen    
Georgina Arakelian    
Carl Fredrik Asker    
Ryan Axon    
Dylan Azzopardi    
Justin Barnum    
William Baynes    
Charlotte Beecher    
Alexander Belopolski    
Samuel Bisesi    
Ethan Bonheur    
Luke Bopp    
Anna Bragason    
Sofia Brauweiler    
Beckett Burley    
Eva Campbell    
Lucy Carroll    
Adriana Caruso    
Alessandro Caruso    
Justin Centeno    
Nathan Codd    
Kai Companik    
Thomas Crehan    
Aaron De Chiara    
Kelsey DeVito    
Uma Dhar    
Ava Diaz    
Keira Duggar    
Michael Fico    
Ginger Fuhrman    
Katherine Funk    
Thomas Garcia    
Alyssa Gerardi    
Logan Gilbert    
Fletcher Heron    
Faith Hobbs    
Nicholas Hussar    
Trey Kaupp    
Tia Kivikko    
Isabella Kremer    
Zoe L’Henaff    
Natalia Lacayo    
William Langford    
Kendall Lawler    
Jacob Leibowitz    
Alexandra Levene    
Nicole Llano    
Andrew Lord    
Deacon Mascarinas    
Maren McDaniel   
John McDonough    
Katelin McGloin    
Catherine Meli    
Natalie Minckler    
Nora Moley    
Ryan Moore    
Cassiopeia Nestertseva    
Keegan Noone    
Charles O’Connor    
Rhys Parry    
Lucy Parsons    
Mason Pickering    
Dylan Prior    
Amanda Rashad    
Edward Rodgers    
Hayden Roeder    
Ethan Schubert    
Jack Sconziano    
Kyle Shooshan    
Benjamin Skrelunas    
Jake Somma    
Margot Stanley    
Layla Steed    
Ava Taylor    
Sahil Teredesai    
Yulia Uvarova    
Egor Vasilyev    
Leyton Warren    
Benjamin Wells    
Bradley Werneburg    
Ryanna Whitman    
Milani Williams    
Junhao Zhao    
Patrick Zoccolillo   

Grade 9 Honors

Camila Alarcon    
Parker Arakelian    
William Arnold    
Grace Baker    
John Baluyut    
Alexander Besaw    
William Brooks    
Christopher Cuesta    
Harry Cullen    
William Cushing    
Jacqueline Dathan    
Payton DeCamillo    
Lilah Donaldson    
Olivia Encinger    
Alexander Etergino    
Hettie Fillingham    
Robert Frangione    
John Frieders    
Victoria Fromzel    
Michael Gabriel    
Phoebe Gallahar    
Josef Gashi    
Joshua Geyfman    
Brooke Gusitsch    
William Havens    
Carter Heagle    
Brianna Healey    
Stuart Hellmann    
Henry Hladick    
Alexander Ivanov    
Harper Kenny    
Atma Krishnan    
Elliott Kropf    
Henry Lapin    
Jonathan Robert Lewis    
Jane Lindberg    
Ryan Little    
Isabella Madrid    
Olivia Marotta    
Margaret Marshall    
Sarah Marshall    
Peyton Mascarinas    
George Matviak    
Lilly Messina    
Olivia Michelini    
Andrew Moor    
Charlotte Moor    
Lily Nicolet    
Maggie O’Donnell    
Tyler Ofiero    
Anuj Ogale    
Claire Parelli    
Ashtin Rama    
Ambar Reyes    
Mark Richardson    
Matthew Riley    
Jacob Robertson    
Brayden Robie    
Katharine Russell    
Maxwell Sanseverino    
Zachary Santiago    
Ivy Saunders    
Camryn Schneberger    
Martin Scofield    
Emily Shiff    
Cora Shooshan    
Jane Shumway    
Michael Smith    
Juliet Sorensen    
Santiago Sosa    
Christina Swarni    
Lucas Taylor    
Brooks Thompson    
James Towers    
Adelaide Tuff    
Roma Wadhwani    
Norman Walker    
August Watson    
Charles Williams    
Andrew Zoccolillo    
Zakary Zuwiyya