Conrad Road Barricade To Be Removed Friday After Neighbors Voice Concerns


Town installs barricade at Conrad Road on Nov. 1, 2023. SK photo

After hearing concerns from residents in the neighborhood and beyond, town officials say they’re planning to remove barricades set up on Conrad Road as part of an effort to solve traffic problems in the “South of the Y” neighborhood.”

Originally, the barricade near the Whiffle Tree Lane intersection was to remain in place for at least five weeks. Its purpose was to prevent morning commuters from cutting toward South Avenue and the Merritt Parkway by pulling off Gerdes Road, which sees voluminous back-up, onto Conrad.

Police did warn around the time of that decision that the traffic being diverted would have to go somewhere.

On Monday, Public Works Director Tiger Mann said in an email that representatives from his department, including Engineering and Highway, met with police to discuss the situation. 

“Due to the large amount of concern received from the residents “Behind the Y”, and elsewhere, regarding the closure we have decided to remove the barricades on Friday, November 10th,” Mann said in an email.

He continued, “We have spoken with the BOE and they will be readjusting the bus routes (and timings) likely back to the ones prior to the closure beginning Monday, November 13th.  They will be notifying parents of the proposed changes likely by Thursday, November 9th/Friday, November 10th. While preliminary results were promising regarding re-routing traffic, volumes on the ‘Behind the Y’ roads were markedly less than those witnessed on Conrad Road over the past year, we nonetheless do not want to have our actions place neighbor against neighbor while we work towards a viable solution for all.”

Town officials also have discussed installing a “mini-roundabout” at the intersection, and allocated funds for planning it.

It’s not clear where that project stands or if it’s still on the table, or what those who field requests for traffic-calming in New Canaan will do now.

Mann said in his email, “We will continue to work with our Traffic Engineering Consultants to determine other traffic calming measures (and other possible neighborhood improvements) to reduce volume and speeds and increase safety for Conrad Road as well as other ‘Behind the Y’ roads.  We will notify the residents prior to any discussions with the Police Commission, and other Town Bodies if necessary, so that residential input can be heard.”

The information about the barricade removal had been forwarded Monday to Steve Karl, who lives in the neighborhood, for distribution to fellow area residents.

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