One thought on “District: School Buses Are On Roads To Improve Routes

  1. Are we seriously fueling busses and sending them empty around town to optimize for changed school start times on the same day as 5,000 people have been laid off at Foxwoods? We need to really rethink our spending priorities as a town – schools are being closed for 5.5 weeks at a minimum, parents are teaching kids and missing work, retirement plans are being greatly impacted, people are losing jobs (also in our town) and of course we have the daily human toll. With that backdrop do we think property values are going to improve over the next year?
    I am totally confident we will get out of this, but the town needs to have a very serious look at its discretionary spending plan starting with the proposed school start time change, library, police station, bird sanctuary and Waveny ADA work. All of these items can be pushed into next year – or beyond if necessary. And if we want to invest in them this year we need to get the economy open sooner than now planned to pay for it – my preferred solution- (April 6th gives us 2 more weeks of social distancing and curve bending).
    The economy can only open when the schools are open – so lets focus on that not on changed school start times – this is really offensive to so many people impacted by this situation we are all in. And frankly lets agree now to make up this lost school time into June and July for the kids learning (and parents working) – are we seriously going to promote kids into the next grade based on e-learning or have kids self select to stay back a year? It is time to really focus on what is critical for people (keeping people safe and restarting the economy) – we can deal with the rest later.

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