7 thoughts on “First Selectman Envisions New Road through Waveny Connecting NCHS to South Avenue

  1. I am appalled at the thought of erecting a building on the Saxe field, which is one of the most high-profile sites in New Canaan and puts on display the values of our town. By what logic does that strikingly beautiful open space become a place to build a police station? Apparently, the same logic that is used to justify building a “road” across one of the unspoiled sections of our magnificent Waveny Park. I cannot believe the town would support either initiative.

  2. The wooded buffer between NCHS and South Avenue has all kinds of sensible restrictions on it, both physical and legal, and I don’t see how paving a road through the middle of it can (or even should) be pursued. Waveny should never be divided, swapped, diminished, leased, or in any part given away for development.

    • I agree 100% with Cam. I (and dozens, if not hundreds of taxpapyers) worked with him leading the way to keep a BOE admin building out of Waveny Park. In a referendum that followed, Dick Bond (then first selectman) and his followers were soundly trounced and the idea disappeared.
      Kevin should note that that this loss for Bond was one of the beginning downfalls for Bond’s eventual departure as first selectmen … when, from reliable sources, the Republican “mafia” at the time went to his office and let him know that he wasn’t running any more! Let the lesson be learned.

  3. Betsy, in an earlier edition of New Canaanite:
    “New Canaan may consider building a new police station on the Saxe Middle School baseball diamond adjacent to the YMCA, according to the town’s highest elected official (Kevin Moynihan).

    The possibility for a new police headquarters there for an estimated $16 million represents a third option, according to First Selectman Kevin Moynihan.”

    His idea is to sell the current Police Station to a developer for senior housing.

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