21 thoughts on “First Selectman: Town Should Consider Paving Saxe Baseball Diamond for Expanded YMCA Parking

  1. Upcoming Article:
    “First Selectman: Town Should Consider Building Senior Housing Over Saxe Baseball Diamond”.
    Please, please…just give it a break and let our children enjoy the baseball diamond where it is. I am shaking my head every time I see “First Selectman” in the headline.

  2. Please. Rather than take away green space from a town entry vista with either a parking lot or a new police headquarters, let’s get the government focused on cutting costs. The world outside of New Canaan is transforming with digitalization, finding efficiencies and improving customer experiences. Is P&Z responsible for allowing such growth of an institution in a residential neighborhood — the YMCA — that there is now a “horrible deficit of parking”?

  3. Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone
    They paved paradise
    And put up a parking lot.

    Please stop the nonsense.
    Oh..where’s the zero budget?

  4. Remember 10 years ago when they wanted to park the school buses on the Saxe fields and there was a public out cry? Maybe our First Selectman didn’t live here then, or maybe he has a short memory.

  5. I’ve been going to the New Canaan Y multiple times per week for almost 5 years and have never had trouble parking. Even when they are hosting a special event like a swim meet. Not sure what Moynihan is talking about. Maybe he is adapting the tactics of his idol, DJT, and just saying outrageous things to attract attention

  6. Seems like Spencer’s Run at Waveny and “our” YMCA are being inundated by out of towners from Norwalk, Pound Ridge etc. and we have to continue supporting them by always adding more expensive solutions. Does it ever stop? Let’s work on selling or taking down our 57 properties, instead of last minute overtures that are strangling any decision making!

  7. New Canaan High School needs a new baseball stadium as their current field in Mead Park is old, inefficient and lags behind other High School facilities in Fairfield County. You can build a new baseball facility in Waveny that is easily accessible from the High School. Using the vacated Mead field, you can convert that large field into 2 diamonds; a girls softball field and a replacement for the Saxe baseball field. Much more efficient than going to Kiwanis and disrupting that park in my opinion.
    With the vacated Saxe field, you can build the police station, add more parking to the YMCA or a combination of both.

  8. Whichever, paving or building on the Saxe fields is simply not a good plan. The field area is used heavily for soccer in the fall, baseball and lacrosse in the spring and summer. New Canaan parents raised a ton of money to irrigate it. Wish our town hall could stop all these costly, non-essential schemes (move this, pave that, demolish those) and find some sensible focus.

  9. Asphalting School Playing yards in not in the New Canaan Long Range planning document.
    As a member of the Parking commission, I have never heard any complaints about parking in this area.

  10. Election Day is November 5, 2019. I will be voting for trees, stone walls, enviable town parks, and other green spaces. And fiscal sense.

  11. Love the YMCA and been a member for years. But don’t they have their own grass lot in the back of their property? Here’s an idea if the YMCA needs parking: pave that field and leave the Saxe fields alone. And if they need a field, let them rent one from the Town. And same goes for using the fields for a new Police Station. The only sensible solution to the Police Station is to stay put and renovate. Let’s stop with the game of musical chairs around Town.

  12. Maybe the single dumbest idea I have heard in a while that I thought the whole thing was joke at first. Taking away town property for an independent business entity to have parking? Will the YMCA then offer everyone in town free memberships? Or at least the baseball community? If there are issues with parking for the field, fine but giving nice green land away so YMCA members are more comfortable is disgusting.

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