‘Gingerbitz’ on Elm Street To Close Friday

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Gingerbitz, an eat-in bakery launched on Elm Street more than four years ago by a New Canaan couple, is to close Friday.

Gingerbitz at 155 Elm St. Credit: Michael Dinan

Karen Zuckert said she and her husband, Andrew, have forged many new friendships through the business and “are very sorry to leave.”

“We really wanted to create something very special for the town,” she saId. “We live in town, we care about it. It’s disappointing. There is just not enough business in town to keep going and to the standard that we would like to keep it.”

Named after a sobriquet that had been bestowed on Karen by her late father-in-law, Donald Zuckert, the cozy shop offered her signature baked goods—including custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies—as well as an eclectic menu of sandwiches, salads, coffees and more. (Those seeking to place orders with Gingerbitz after Friday may still do so—see contact info below.)

New Canaan’s Karen and Andrew Zuckert inside Gingerbitz on Elm Street. Credit: Michael Dinan

Andrew said that he and his wife have “really loved being in town and appreciate all the business we have had and the support we have received over the past five years.”

Of Gingerbitz’s regulars, he said: “We are going to miss those people, for sure.”

Tucker Murphy, executive director of the New Canaan Chamber of Commerce, said the organization is “always sorry to see a local independent business close.”

“We wish them well, as they have such  an incredible product but also realize that decisions are made to open or stay open based on many factors,” Murphy said. “Retail is tough—no ifs, ands or buts about it.”

She added that the Chamber has fielded “several inquiries lately about new businesses, and that is encouraging.”

“I’m always willing to meet with anyone and offer what I can to anyone considering opening a business,” she said.

The Zuckerts continue to operate a small shop out of a commercial space on Hope Street in Stamford and they’re actively looking to find a new space for Gingerbitz in Westport, Andrew said.

“We are looking for a town that has got a little more traffic,” he said.

Karen said she is hoping to take Gingerbitz’s employees with her to the future location.

“I know that a lot of my customers are very fond of the people who worked for us,” she said.

Karen added: “Everyone cares about how everyone ends up. The cost of doing business is just very high in our town.”

The Zuckerts said they have the ability to continue operating Gingerbitz through August in the space at 155 Elm St. but decided against it given the regular slowdown in the summer downtown.

Packaged merchandise at Gingerbitz is 40 percent off this week at the New Canaan store. Karen Zuckert will continue to do custom baking and those seeking to place an order can reach her at karen@gingerbitz.com or 203-801-0281. The business’s website is under construction and will be finished soon at http://gingerbitz.com. 

11 thoughts on “‘Gingerbitz’ on Elm Street To Close Friday

  1. They have the best coffee in town! Had they been open early in the a.m. for commuters and town business employees they might have done better. They were never open on my way to work and would have loved a cup. If you get a chance before they close – treat yourself !

  2. “There is just not enough business in town to keep going…”. This establishment was NEVER open. How can they be closed on a Sunday and expect to be successful. Please don’t put blame on the town. This is entirely your fault as a business owner.

  3. I am so sorry to see them close the shop. They will be missed. As for the times they were open…..a New Canaan family running a sweet shop in New Canaan, I am impressed they stayed true to their family values. Owning your own business is so challenging…..try it sometime and you will understand more. I wish them well in Westport and I will definitely visit their new shop.

  4. They will be missed. They made us a custom cakes and cupcakes for special occasions. Always original and very tasty.

  5. I second the opening times comments. If I want a cup of coffee any day of the week I’m looking for it between 5 and 8 or 9 am- they don’t even open till 10! Don’t serve coffee and expect those who need it in the morning to be loyal if you can’t provide.

  6. In addition to great food, they did create something special for New Canaan and that is community. They will be missed!!

  7. To the reader who submitted comments on this article under the usernames ‘Alex Griffs’ and ‘Jennifer Wilsons.’ I see that the comments came from the same IP address, and when I emailed the addresses you attached to each comment, they bounced back as undeliverable. We require not only real-looking names but also verification that people are using full first and last names. Feel free to call me to discuss, cell is 203-817-1278. Thank you.

  8. So so sad to see them go! It was such a beautifully curated and a special place — with caring owners who truly loved their customers. Really added to the charm of our town. Will be sorely missed!

    • I agree with Allison-such a lovely store! Our favorite in town! We’ll follow wherever they land next as my boys love Mrs Karen’s birthday cakes!

  9. So sorry that you are closing on Friday; I was planning to come there on Saturday with my grand daughter for another birthday treat for her. Last time, she loved it.

    Good luck.

    • Thank you for submitting your comment, Eileen. This article is from last summer. Gingerbitz closed in June. I am pretty sure Karen still sells her baked goods at Beanz on Hope Street in Springdale. Try reaching her at the email above.

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