‘I Am Truly Thankful’: Letter of Appreciation for New Canaan Police Officer Nicholas Rienzi


Police Chief Leon Krolikowski shared the following letter of appreciation for Officer Nicholas Rienzi from New Canaan resident Ernest Mysogland at a Dec. 15 special meeting of the Police Commission:

“Dear Chief Krolikowski, 

Megan Mitchell and NCPD Officer Nicholas Rienzi, at the May 27, 2021 promotion and awards ceremony outside the New Canaan Police Department. Rienzi earned the Unit Citation Award. Credit: Michael Dinan

I am writing to express my gratefulness to officer Nicholas Rienzi who was extraordinarily helpful to me on the evening of Nov. 15. Upon leaving the rather dark parking lot of the Lutheran church in town after a church meeting, I failed to see a curbing on the side of the lot. When I felt the bump of the asphalt curb I quickly stopped but soon realized my car was stuck over a large rock. Officer Rienzi responded to my call for help within minutes. I expected he would assess the situation and call a tow truck. Instead he immediately got down on the road, set up a jack by literally crawling partly under the car despite having limited space to turn the jack drive, worked like this for over twenty minutes then extended further under the car and pulled out a heavy three foot rock. Afterwards he refused my offer to pay for the cleaning of his uniform and modestly accepted my thanks.

“To say I am grateful for his selfless help on a very cold night is a major understatement. He saved me a large towing bill and carefully ensured that there was no damage to the underside of my car. He even dismissed my embarrassment for being so foolish. For a policeman to provide such extensive help is really exceptional and I am truly thankful. Officer Rienzi is a great credit to the New Canaan Police Department and to our town. Please convey my sincere thanks.”

One thought on “‘I Am Truly Thankful’: Letter of Appreciation for New Canaan Police Officer Nicholas Rienzi

  1. I have always been impressed with the New Canaan police officers and their willingness to help anyone in need. They are one of the things that I miss about New Canaan.

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