3 thoughts on “‘I Just Don’t Think It Is Solving the Problem’: Concern That Sign at Nursery Road Is Creating Traffic Problems Elsewhere

  1. They did not listen to the majority of the people in attendance who said they don’t want this sign up is how I feel. Now the town has opened itself up to possible legal action that might cost the town lots of money. I just don’t get how affecting 30 plus roads with more traffic and safety issues – so that one road could have peace was a “good idea”.

  2. 2nd thought – All the traffic counters have been taken down as of this past Monday – are they going to pull these new numbers out of there ….. ?

  3. Nursery leads to many other roads like White Oak Shade that are all terribly effected by cut-thru traffic from Norwalk. Every morning, in front of my house on White Oak Shade, the traffic has become like living directly on the Merrit Parkway. One morning (around 6:30am) my cat was hit by a car in front of my house at my children’s bus stop and the traffic wouldn’t even stop so I could collect the body before my chiledren went to school. People drive at 60 +miles per hour at rush hour past my house and it is awful. I don’t know what the answer is but I certainly am grateful to the town for attempting to fix this problem and applaud their efforts.

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