7 thoughts on “Officials Approve Installation of ‘No Left Turn’ Signs on Nursery Road on Trial Basis

  1. So Marvin Ridge road residents just got punished because of out of towners? We will all now need to drive up farm road to get to work? – Someone needs to bring a lawsuit against this because property values will decrease as well by sending all these cars down our street. – I for one will just turn right – pull into a driveway and then back up so that I do not “break the law”

  2. Totally predict that the No Left Turn will not deter any traffic from Nursery. It will just send everyone right on White Oak Shade and the stream of cars will funnel up and around Horton Lane and back onto White Oak Shade heading towards Gerdes. (Former resident of Horton Lane.)

  3. Not fair to anyone! I work on Gerdes Road and your idea of signs being posted on Nursery Road just made my commute 15 mins longer. Have any of you ever sat in the school traffic on Farm Road? Someone will have to teach the man who controls the signal to hold the green light at Farm and South open a lot longer to allow the extra traffic thru. White Oak Shade and Marvin Ridge Road residents will feel the heat of this too. There are many bus stops a long those two roads, and I can only imagine what can happen if an impatient commuter is stuck behind one of them. Hopefully the town will re-think this after their trial run. I will still be commuting the Nursery road route no matter what sign is posted.. If you make the “right” decision you will never go wrong!

  4. Are the signs up already?? My daughter called from her car this morning saying “I don’t know what’s going on!!” The line of cars on Old Norwalk Rd where she lives has been crazy the last couple of days. She almost missed her train to work this morning. The 4 way stop at OldNorwalk Rd and Main Street is congested enough from 7 to 9 in the morning due to school traffic. If the signs are up, I’ll bet the problem has shifted to a spot even more trafficked and dangerous. If they’re not up yet, then we can blame it on the weather I guess!

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