Letter: Endorsing Moynihan and Kenin for First Selectman, Selectman

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I have been a resident of New Canaan for 15 years. I am writing to share my endorsement of Kevin Moynihan for the office of first selectman and Christa Kenin for selectman. Kevin Moynihan has fresh and new ideas about the issues that are pressing our town right now: cell service (our emergency services site an important need), natural gas (lower costs of energy for town municipalities equals tax savings) , and commuter parking (make our town more desirable and help the abysmal real estate market).

Not only do I like his ideas, Kevin has the work ethic and skills to bring these long overdue projects to fruition.

Equally, if not more, important than the issues above, is the state of our schools. Unfortunately, there is a recurring theme with the current First Selectman Rob Mallozzi and Selectman Nick Williams—a lack of leadership in our town government and willingness to take credit for accomplishments that do not belong to them. I was shocked at the Saxe Expansion groundbreaking, when Mr. Mallozzi touted that his leadership brought the project to fruition.

On October 20, 2015, he was quoted in the New Canaanite as saying ” … let’s see if we can come up with alternatives in the next year or two that begin to address it for the future without having to spend $18.6 million, which I think would definitely be a burden to this community.”

Rob Mallozzi wanted to delay the urgently needed project an extra two years, all the while special education kids were being taught in hallways and closets due to a lack of space in our middle school.

I helped to spearhead a grass roots movement of over 800 concerned parents and residents to help get this project approved. The credit for the Saxe expansion belongs to Penny Rashin, her hard working Saxe Building Committee, and the hard working residents and concerned parents of this town, who united and had their voice heard. Only after the overwhelming support and public pressure from the community and a mere days before the November 2015 election did Rob Mallozzi and his supporters on the Town Council and Board of Finance change their tune.

Who supported the existing project the entire time? Kevin Moynihan and Christa Kenin.

Kevin Moynihan and Christa Kenin have always approached the issues facing our town with an open ear and willingness to listen. This is why New Canaan desperately needs a changing of the guard.

I urge all residents to become familiar with the issues our town is facing, look at Rob’s record, and then Vote for Moynihan and Kenin the June 18th caucus.

Thank you,

Michelle Orr

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