Letter: Town Council Candidate on Placement of Cell Towers Near Schools


As a candidate for Town Council, I wish to clarify that I agree with “parents’ health concerns and would prohibit placement of a cell tower within 1,500 feet of a school.”

I agree that cell coverage is a major issue for New Canaan. My home is located in the northeast quadrant of town and my family and I have bad cell coverage. I agree that proper cell coverage is necessary for the safety of the town’s first responders and residents. However. with approximately seven school locations in New Canaan, my position is that there are ample alternative locations other than school sites.

As long as the scientific evidence pertaining to cell tower health risks is inconclusive I recommend caution when considering the health of our children, especially in their formative years, and our young adults.

To those who contend that the evidence is conclusive that cell towers do not pose health risks I ask them to study: Conspicuous behavioral abnormalities in a dairy cow herd near a TV and Radio transmitting antenna (W. Löscher and G. Käs, authors); Kempten West Study 2007, The Influence of Being Physically Near to a Cell Phone Transmission Mast on the Incidence of Cancer (Horst Eger, Klaus Uwe Hagen, Birgitt Lucas, Peter Vogel, Helmut Voit); IARC: Cell Phone Radiation Is a Possible Human Carcinogen – Micro Wave News; and Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Fields Effect on Human Health – American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine reports that studies demonstrate “significant harmful biological effects occur from non-thermal RF exposure,” and these effects may include genetic damage, reproductive defects, cancer, neurological degeneration and nervous system dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, cognitive effects, protein and peptide damage, kidney damage, and developmental effects – all of which have been reported in peer-reviewed scientific literature.

As an elected member of the legislative branch, my obligation would be to my constituents who elected me to represent their concerns. As long as there remains a dichotomy in the conclusions of scientific evidence I would not want to err and support caution when the decision affects the health and welfare of our children and all constituents.

Roy A Abramowitz, CPA

Candidate for Town Council

8 thoughts on “Letter: Town Council Candidate on Placement of Cell Towers Near Schools

  1. How do you feel about the current cell tower located on water tower at Waveny… within 1500 feet of the High School, senior care center, youth playing fields and town pool ? Should it be moved?

  2. People who weigh in on this issue ought to know what they’re talking about. The vertical pattern from cell tower antennae puts the radio
    frequency energy in a horizontal lobe pointing to the horizon. The safest place to be in under the antenna. The radiation from cell phones, because of its proximity to the user’s head, is far more dangerous. The Town would have to take cell phones away from students to protect them. LOL.

  3. Studies in America and Europe are said to be inconclusive on the radiation from cell phones. The simple fact that there is enough evidence showing health dangers (real and potential) tells us we need to promote safer usage of both the phones —earbuds, carry NOT in pockets close to the body—and the towers. Manufacturers are not working in our behalf.

  4. The scientific studies done by academia both pro and con are not selling anyone anything . There is a dichotomy of conclusions and it is the American way to debate. Read the article I am not against cell tower expansion for proper coverage . My point is with enough available locations in town why not err on the side of caution and have a 1500 foot buffer next to our 7 schools. Parents with concern have a right to comfort and it will not interfere with the proper expansion of coverage. That is the point. Thank you.

  5. If you believe that cell towers are not dangerous, than to suggest not putting them within 1500 feet of schools is just impractical political pablum. Why would you just limit it to the 7 schools? What about preschools? Senior assisted living centers? Hospitals?

    • Rick C good point. However it is just apparent that you support another candidate and just want to shoot down my position without substantial evidentiary matter. I answered the question posed by the panel pertaining to schools. They did not include other venues. Of course if I am a proponent pertaining to as I stated “approximately” 7 schools I include pre-school by reference. Perhaps if you stated you full name we could understand the true conjecture of your off point posts.

      Thank you

      Roy Abramowitz

      • Roy the fact is that I will probably vote for you. I’ve always respected your willingness to ask provocative questions of our town leaders. In regard to political positions I value intellectual honesty. I found it lacking in your response to cell tower placement.

        • Rick trying to do my best. I believe my answer to be honest based on the factors I have reviewed. I am not finished being educated on this matter by those with more expertise than I.

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