Letters of Appreciation for New Canaan Police


The following letters of appreciation were shared at the Jan. 19 Police Commission meeting by Chief Leon Krolikowski.



I happened to attend today’s ‘Coffee with a Cop’ at Lapham this afternoon. I was very impressed by the two officers’ presentation, they showed the utmost professionalism and that reflects on the excellent training and leadership they receive under your command.

The presentation was very informative and will contribute to our community’s safety. Thank you to you and all the officers who serve in the New Canaan Police Department.

Kevin McIntosh (Dec. 9)



Here is another admirable example of selfless community service by dedicated NCPD officers. This past Saturday, December 11th, members of our Department conducted a food drive to help replenish the food supply at the local pantry. Ahead of time, Bethany Zaro and Enza Albano [of the New Canaan Human Services Department] coordinated with Officer [Nicole] Vartuli and Officer [Annamaria] Ceci to located a venue and find out what items the pantry needed most and advertised the event. Sgt. [Michael] O’Sullivan and Officer [Kelly] Coughlin stepped in to help volunteer at the event as well. As you can see by the photos, the combined efforts of the officers and the high-level of generosity from the public made the four hour event a great success. I would like to express the Police Department’s thanks for exemplary public service by these four officers!”

NCPD Capt. Andrew Walsh (Dec. 13)


Chief Krolikowski, 

After 54 years working with this department, it has been a pleasure working as a Lieutenant under your command. Thank you for the great work you have done for the New Canaan Police Department.

Lieutenant J.W. George (Dec. 28)

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  1. We have an amazing Chief and officers under him. They are respectful, responsible and reasonable. We are a lucky town.

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