Local Business Q&A: New Canaan Music on Main Street


Connecticut’s largest ukulele selection. Photo courtesy of Phil Williams

In today’s installment of our Q&A series spotlighting local businesses, we hear from Phil Williams, a town resident and owner of New Canaan Music. Here’s our exchange.

American-made electric guitars. Photo courtesy of Phil Williams

New Canaanite: New Canaan Music has become a fixture of the downtown, a Business Of The Year honoree that offers not only in-store items for sale but also music lessons, in person and remotely. How are you faring, as we enter this our second shopping season since the onset of COVID-19?

We are hanging in there and continue to be grateful to the community for thinking of us for all things music. We were able to build back our in-person lessons program and are still offering on-line lessons for those who prefer that option, which is really great.

Large assortment of American-made Martin and Taylor guitars. Photo courtesy of Phil Williams

What would you tell a newcomer to New Canaan about your store?  

I think the biggest misconception about local retailers is that we are more expensive than big box or on-line retailers. I would tell a newcomer that we work very hard to make sure that our prices are in line with those that you would find at larger chains, but we also include unparalleled customer service with each and every transaction. We will also price-match the advertised price from another authorized retailer.

88-key digital piano with graduated weighted keys. Photo courtesy of Phil Williams

Best as I can tell from our past exchanges, the best-selling items at New Canaan Music tend to change over time, as new instruments, brands and accessories become more popular. What are some of your most sought-after items for this holiday season?

The music world is an ever changing and expanding industry. Last year the big seller was digital interfaces and home recording gear. It amazes me how much technology and ease of use the new computer recording equipment offers at surprisingly affordable prices. Things like guitars, both acoustic and electric, ukuleles, and electric pianos never seem to go out of style, as is the case for our in-store music lessons.

Student level guitars in all shapes and sizes. Photo courtesy of Phil Williams

You opened a second store in Newport, R.I. this year. How is that going? 

It is going well. Opening a second location has been really exciting. We have a great staff up there and as I initially suspected, we are filling a need that has been unmet for some time.

What else would you like to tell our readers about New Canaan Music?  

We are a small, local shop who strives to offer all of the choices and variety of the larger retail chains. We have excellent, friendly, and knowledgeable staff who is always ready to help our customers find the right instrument and accessories for their level of play—from beginner to pro.

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  1. New Canaan Music is a wonderful asset to New Canaan. I look forward to spending time there during the Holiday Stroll this Friday!

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