New Canaan Police: Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round Aloof Dog-gies [VIDEO]



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Saying the assumption that all dogs are good mixers can lead to bites for both canines and humans, New Canaan police are advocating for a new “yellow ribbon” system in town.

Under the system, owners of nonsocial dogs would tie a yellow ribbon or bag around their dog’s leash or collar—see demo video above from Animal Control Officer Maryann Kleinschmitt. [Note: The dog in this video is a sweet, socialized pit bull mix that is up for adoption. Duchess is four or five years old and seeking home—she was found at South School.]

“Too many times you have children walking and they see what they think is ‘a cute little dog,’ and a 5- or 6-year-old is walking ahead—this way a parent can spot that yellow ribbon and call the child back so the child doesn’t get bitten,” she said.

What sometimes happens, Kleinschmitt said, is that dogs will lunge at cyclists or joggers to “jump and bite.”

“Not every dog has biting potential, but for those that don’t like other people, does it mean that they should not be able to walk that dog? No,” Kleinschmitt said. “But we can protect against it, and by doing this we can all share the sidewalk.”

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