PHOTOS: Police See Sharp Rise in Coyote Sightings 

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Police say they’re seeing a spike in coyote activity, with nine sightings so far in September.

The coyotes likely are juveniles born last spring who have been kicked out of their dens or young males doing surveillance for the next breeding season, according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section.

She’s encouraging residents to use hazing techniques when encountering the animals.

“The calls are coming in one after another,” Halm said. “People just have to realize it’s a lifestyle change if you want to protect your pet this is what we have to do.”

Here’s a snapshot of September sightings:

Reported Coyote Sightings, September 2018

Sept. 4Sagamore Trail
Sept. 5Old Stamford Road
Sept. 13Weed Street (lower)
Sept. 15Old Norwalk Road (Kiwanis Park)
Sept. 18Meadow Lane
Sept. 19Marvin Ridge Road
Sept. 21Old Stamford Road
Sept. 25Hawks Hill Road
Sept. 25Weed Street (lower)
Source: New Canaan Police Department Animal Control

Coyotes are monogamous and generally breed between January and March, giving birth from April to mid-May following a gestation period of about 63 days, officials say. Coyotes pose no real threat to humans, though they will attack small domestic pets including cats and dogs, according to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. In New Canaan, a troubling incident involving coyotes and domestic dogs on Middle Ridge Road prompted officials to warn residents there about a possible den. Halm has encouraged residents to use hazing techniques to ward off coyotes, and signs recently have been posted in New Canaan parks warning visitors of coyote activity.

2 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Police See Sharp Rise in Coyote Sightings 

  1. Thank you ACO Allyson Halm for recommending hazing techniques and reminding pet owners to be vigilant. This responsible and realistic attitude in regard to coexisting with wildlife is appreciated.

  2. I second Ms. Collins’ response. New Canaan is blessed to be surrounded by beautiful nature which we need to respect and protect…the wild ones and most especially, our pets. Never leave your pets unattended.

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