Podcast: ‘Swap Shop’ Coming to the Transfer Station This Summer


TIger Mann, New Canaan’s director of the Public Works Department. Credit: Michael Dinan

This week on 0684-Radi0, our free podcast (subscribe here in the iTunes Store), we share some exciting news from New Canaan’s public works director, Tiger Mann, about a long-planned “swap shop” coming to the New Canaan Transfer Station. The swap shop could launch as early as May or June, Mann said, in partnership with Planet New Canaan.

Those interested in learning more about volunteering at the future New Canaan swap shop should email planetnewcanaan@gmail.com.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast: ‘Swap Shop’ Coming to the Transfer Station This Summer

  1. This is the best news to hear in the run up to next month’s Earth Day! Thank you Tiger and Planet New Canaan for helping to make New Canaan a greener community!

  2. Thanks Tiger for making this a reality. Thanks to Robin Bates-Mason for keeping it on our agenda through the pandemic. Thanks to the Conservation Commission and Town Government for approvals. Let’s all make it work.

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