One thought on “Outdoor Dining: Town To Re-Install Barricades on One Side of Elm Street 

  1. In walking on Elm Street yesterday, it makes much more sense to allow restaurants to use the road barrier area for dining and keep a clear walkway on the sidewalk. Last year, it was a constant challenge to walk through the barrier area as cars parked too close and you had to zigzag. People who are visually impaired, and I speak of a family member who is so, were very challenged to navigate the walking area. It is also much more attractive as it is more uniform and the tables and umbrellas somewhat camouflage the area. The area on Forest Street should be considered as well as last year, the dining areas kept getting pushed further out until there was no more than 2-3 feet to walk. I love the outdoor dining and would like it to be consistent and attractive as well.

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