Police: 40 New Canaan Mailboxes Hit Early Sunday


Police say thieves rifled through dozens of New Canaan mailboxes early Sunday, opening 14 on Main Street and 25 on White Oak Shade Road while stealing mail and a package from a mailbox on Nursery Road. 

At about 6 a.m. on Oct. 18, police following up on a report of a residential mailbox that had been entered on White Oak Shade found others that had been opened, and while nothing immediately was known to be stolen from those, “The theft of mail often leads to financial crimes and identity theft,” Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said in a press release.

“We urge all residents to bring sensitive mail—especially mail that contains checks—to the Post Office rather than leave in an non-secure residential mailbox,” the chief said in the press release.

The report of the Nursery Road theft came in around a.m. Sunday, the chief said.

News of the illegal entries comes weeks after police arrested two men accused of stealing from four mailboxes on Frogtown Road. Subsequently, police received reports of mail stolen from homes on Valley and Huckleberry Hill Roads. In August, police received reports of the theft of checks from mailboxes in and “washing” or alteration of those checks. 

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  1. Please don’t leave your absentee ballots or requests in the mailbox for your mailman to collect! This is a risky way to process your vote. Instead, please place either/or your absentee ballot application and your ballot in the Official Drop Box located at the main entrance of Town Hall. At the moment, this is the safest and most direct way to return your voting documents. Thank you!

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