Police: Two Smash-and-Grabs Reported at Waveny on Sunday Afternoon


Police say they received reports that two vehicles had been forcibly entered  in Waveny on Sunday afternoon.

Officers were dispatched to the park at about 12:27 p.m. on Jan. 9, according to a press release issued by Police Chief Leon Krolikowski.

There, the officers found that the rear window of a 2018 Mercedes Benz had been smashed, with a purse missing from the left-rear seat, Krolikowski said in the press release. Inside the purse was a wallet with a driver’s license, bank card, credit card and vaccine card, he said.

A second vehicle, a 2018 Infinity QW60, also had its rear window smashed, the chief said.

“The purse contained the owner’s iPhone as well as a wallet with the owner’s driver’s license, bank card, credit cards, and vaccine card,” Krolikowski said in the press release. 

Through November, police had received reports of 36 stolen vehicles and 40 larcenies from vehicles in New Canaan, officials have said.

The recent thefts come weeks after it was revealed that progress had not been made eight months after police recommended installing security cameras at several locations in town in town in order to deter crime and help investigators, and that cameras that installed nearly one year ago at Waveny’s two main motor vehicle entrances aren’t working.

Krolikowski in his press release urged motorists to secure their valuables and never leave them in their cars. “Often, identity theft occurs when drivers’ licenses and credit cards are stolen,” he said in the press release. 

5 thoughts on “Police: Two Smash-and-Grabs Reported at Waveny on Sunday Afternoon

  1. And then yesterday there were 3 in the Paddle parking lot – in the middle of the late morning while the courts were full !!!

  2. I’m no public relations expert, but it seems fixing this long, mysteriously delayed security camera fiasco might just be the thing for a First Selectman who wanted to, oh I don’t know, shift the news cycle from his ethics violation investigation discomfort?

  3. I vaguely recall the last time cameras were discussed, the discussion sounded like a kick the can game. Could someone in NC Town government (salaried or elected volunteer) raise their hand and get this done please? Cameras may or may not have stopped this crime, but cameras should be a deterrent or an aid in finding the guilty. This is an easy opportunity for someone to shine. Salaries and votes require results. Thank you in advance for stepping up to meet this challenge. I cannot imagine one taxpayer nor voter who would object hindering crime in NC.

  4. re: “cameras installed nearly one year ago at Waveny’s two main motor vehicle entrances aren’t working”.

    If security cameras and locking vehicles can’t stop these thefts, what is our answer?

    Residents should be able to enjoy our parks without fear that someone will break into their cars while they are walking, playing paddle ball, jogging.

  5. Are the NCPD able to solve any of these crimes, or just to make helpful recommendations like “don’t leave valuables in the car”? Its been several years of car thefts, car break-ins, mail theft, and home break-ins, all without much response from the NCPD, and few if any actual arrests. Yes, we get it, don’t leave your keys in your unlocked car – now how about solving and/or deterring these property crimes before these continue to escalate and someone gets hurt or killed?

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