2 thoughts on “Public-Private Partnership: District Pursues $1 Million Refurbishment of Planetarium at NCHS

  1. Have any detailed proposals been submitted outlining how the town could monetize a refurbished planetarium?

    Perhaps the sticker shock might not be as great if those responsible for the project could elaborate on the opportunities to earn revenue as a field trip destination for nearby school districts, through single-entry or membership fees for recreational visits by local families and individuals during weekends/holidays, etc.

    Transparency around estimated ROI would go a long way.

    • Hah. That’s how the fields / track project was pitched. It was going to be
      monetized. People were going to flock to town as a result of this new venue. Thousands of dollars in revenue generated from use fees.
      It’s been 3 years and there still is not a plan in place.
      One has to wonder: would the million dollars additional busing costs resulting from the dubious new school start time plan would be better spent on projects like the planetarium ?

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