3 thoughts on “Reports of ‘Aggressive Deer’ Prompt Temporary Closure of Greenlink Trail Near Irwin Park

  1. It’s wonderful that so much wildlife has chosen to make Bristow (and our other protected green spaces) their home, and equally inspiring that such effort is being made to accommodate them. Thank you to everyone involved.

  2. I thank Chris Schipper and the folks gave us these particles of land. I use these trails as a mediation & exercise. Also a chance to meet folks who do the same.
    I was surprised to see these signs about aggressive deer. My first though was the narrow section. Thinking what if I did encounter with another person or animal.
    It is a good thought to widen that portion for the sake of man & beast…

  3. Do not expand the walking trails into the woods.
    Deer, fox & other animals need undisturbed spaces that are not pockmarked by suburban walkways.
    Leaving the sensitive ecosystem in the woods as natural as possible is an important goal.

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