9 thoughts on “Roaming Peacock Spotted in New Canaan [VIDEO]

  1. I live on Ferris Hill and just had the bird walk through my yard at 6PM on 4/27. I left a message with animal control.

  2. When we lived on Sheridan drive, our property backed up to the reservoir. From time to time we had peacocks in the back yard

  3. My family and I recently moved here from Coral Gables, FL, where roaming wild peacocks are very commonplace, but I certainly didn’t think we’d see them roaming here. So imagine my surprise yesterday when this majestic fellow walked across our front yard (I learned that my neighbors had called animal shortly before this)!

    Fortunately, they are strong enough fliers to fly up onto roofs and into trees, where they sleep at night, which helps them to avoid predators. (In FL, their biggest “predators” are cars.) This particular male is fairly large, so he’s probably already familiar with coyote-avoidance tactics…at least for his sake let’s hope so.

  4. If the peacock is captured I can adopt him if the owners don’t claim him. I have a farm in Sandy Hook with a large enclosed area for birds and we would be happy to have him !

  5. I saw the (giant) peacock around 8:00am Monday crossing Frogtown Rd near the new New Canaan Country School gymnasium. When it got towards the North side of the road it flew over a rock/stone wall. I drive this road every morning to/from NCCS and see a lot of turkeys but this was definitely a peacock.

    • The peacock left New Canaan, according to Animal Control Officer Allyson Halm. He was seen in Vista, N.Y., then Ridgfield and last reported seen in South Salem, N.Y., she said.

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