One thought on “Selectmen Approve Funds for Roof Repair at Irwin House

  1. Thank you for the history. Irwin Park’s ties to the founder of IBM makes Irwin House and the whole park historically very important in the history of the birth of the computer industry. The Gores Pavilion has received much publicity for its ties to architectural history. Less publicized is the significance of the property to computer history. Also less publicized: some of the beautiful tree specimens on the grounds make the park a mini-arboretum. The New Canaan Garden Club does a beautiful job maintaining the grounds so that countless New Canaanites enjoy the beauty of this open space, whether walking, dog-walking, or visiting for other reasons. In short, the Town’s purchase of the Irwin/Watson property for a park was a most excellent purchase. I am glad to see the Town maintaining it with roof repairs.

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