3 thoughts on “Selectmen Push for All-Way Stop at Weed and Elm

  1. It has occurred to me many times while driving on Weed St. that motorists turning onto Weed from Elm have cut me off because they assumed I had a stop sign. It is a dangerous situation.

  2. Particularly for senior residents, it is a nerve racking experience turning left out of Elm onto Weed. Traffic does exceed limits coming south on Weed and they are difficult to see until the last few seconds.
    If such Weed traffic turns left fast into Elm there is often a conflict as to who should be in the space between the Elm Street stop sign and where Elm ends at Weed. It’s very tempting for such left turning Weed traffic to cut that corner.

  3. Why are tax payers paying for a study on this if the Police Commission goes against the recommendations of the study anyways? – i.e. Nursery St. and Marvin Ridge Road no left turn sign that the study said not to do and the Police Commision put in/up anyways – Maybe the town just needs more Ticket Traps – Cause that’s all this one has become.

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