Sidewalk Sale: ‘One of the Best Ones I’ve Ever Seen’ [SLIDESHOW]


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[Editor’s Note: The photos in the slideshow above include participants in a Facebook photo contest that we ran together with Swirl froyo. For information on each picture, just hover over it with your mouse. Thank you to everyone for making New Canaanite’s first-ever Sidewalk Sale so much fun.]

Thousands of deal-seekers descended on downtown New Canaan under a mercifully overcast, even breezy morning and afternoon Saturday for the annual Village Fair & Sidewalk Sale.

Visitors shopped, dined, gathered information about New Canaan nonprofits and gave to charitable causes on what many vendors agreed was the best New Canaan Chamber of Commerce Sidewalk Sale in memory. Parts of Elm, Forest and Main Streets were cordoned off for pedestrians during the popular all-day event, as was the Pop Up Park, featuring special dishes from local restaurants and music from groups including the New Canaan Town Band and School of Rock.

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tucker Murphy called this year’s Sidewalk Sale “one of the best ones I’ve ever seen.”

“You couldn’t ask for anything more,” Murphy said of the weather.”

“A little overcast, cool and with a little breeze. It’s perfect,” she said.

Murphy added that New Canaan saw a “record crowd” for the event.

“The merchants all seem to be happy,” she said. “Everyone is eating, drinking, plenty of water and great lemonade. It’s a lot of fun. We’re doing great.”

At the tent, among other activities, we pulled in about 15 locals for a “congratulations” tribute video to NCHS grad Curt Casali, the town’s first Major League Baseball player, who played in his first game (and got a hit in his first at-bat) the day before.

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