VIDEO: Locals Congratulate Curt Casali, New Canaan’s First Major Leaguer


RE59ECT New Canaan Nod to Curt Casali

Uploaded by Michael Dinan on 2014-07-20.

Here’s what newly retired Mark “2-5-0” Rearick had to say in a longtime townie Facebook group about Curt Casali, the former New Canaan High School Rams varsity baseball player under “Fiver” who on Friday made his Major League debut—the first New Canaanite ever to make The Show: “A fantastic moment for a most deserving young man.”

Beyond talent and diligence, Casali has earned a reputation for modesty, so we hope our video tribute above doesn’t embarrass the catcher. It’s just meant to say: We’re very proud back here in New Canaan—whether your career, Curt, encompasses 10 at-bats or 10 All Star games, you are our guy who made the bigs—and Saturday’s annual Sidewalk Sale afforded an opportunity to say so as a community.

We went with a “tip of the cap”-style tribute for the Tampa Bay Rays catcher.

RE59ECT to you, Curt, from some locals—some of whom will be known to you. Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.

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