Infrared Sauna Wellness Spa ‘calmë’ Opens Friday on Main Street

One year ago, Meghann Smith recalled, she tried to find an experience that could make her “feel better” in the space of an hour. She tried a variety of exercise classes and other services before discovering infrared saunas. After visiting a sauna, Smith said, she decided that she wanted to create her own luxury spa version. Over the next 12 months, the beauty industry veteran developed the idea for what would become calmë—a new wellness spa offering infrared saunas that soft-opens Friday at 78 Main St., in what emerged as New Canaan’s wellness precinct. 

“We created a brand which is very luxurious,” she said, adding, “I wanted to really create something that everybody can use.” According to Smith, an hour-long session at calmë is more affordable than going to a spa. 

In addition to infrared saunas, calmë will offer acoustic resonance therapy and chromotherapy, Smith said.

Ultramarathon Training in New Canaan 

This year I am giving up politics for Lent. In lieu of complaining about local government, I want to share a ‘Thank you’ note to the New Canaanites helping me prep for my upcoming ultramarathon. This was not a New Year’s resolution (one-month survival rate: 64%). I just want to make some changes this year. My plan was to compete in an ultramarathon scheduled for late June with six months to prepare.