9 thoughts on “‘That’s In Motion’: Moynihan Lays Out Approvals Schedule for West School Cell Tower

  1. Chris and John, why would you need either a cell phone tower near your home or a cell phone booster in your home to make calls through your cell phone? When you are home your cell phone should automatically just connect through your WiFi and should not require a cell phone signal to make calls – unless for some reason you turned off WiFi calling on your cell phone. A cell phone signal is only required to make calls through your cell phone if you do not have internet at your home. I don’t know how you turn WiFi calling on and off on all cell phones, but on I Phone, if for some reason your WiFi calling is turned off, to turn it back on you go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling. Sincerely, Luke

    • I agree, Luke. What’s more, 5G service does not even use these towers. That raises the question: what is motivating the First Selectman, given that distributed 5G transmitters will be installed throughout New Canaan soon enough?

    • I am not saying I am pro-tower, but we also need to address emergency needs and perhaps there are alternatives. During the last hurricane I had an 85 year old parent staying with us. Unfortunately trees were down, roads closed for 5 days, electric out for 10 days, land lines down, and since we do not have cell reception we had no way to communicate. Our neighbors were in the same situation and could not have assisted. If something would have happened we would have had no way to call 911.

    • Bravo Kevin! Speaking as someone with ZERO cell service in their home on the west side, it is imperative that we get cell service. If my wifi goes out (a regular occurrence given the choice of providers we have in the area) I have no way of contacting anyone on a regular Tuesday, let alone in an emergency. The tower emissions are less than what we are exposed to daily in our own homes. The cell towers are a necessity.

  2. Neighboring towns like Darien and Westport seem to have found viable solutions to cell coverage without putting up these ugly monopines. Why does New Canaan want to be “that town?”

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