4 thoughts on “‘The Goodwill Has Been Taken Away’: Two Resign from Human Services Commission

  1. I have known Judy Dunn for years and had the pleasure of working with her as Chairman of the HHS Commission when I served on the Town Council. She’s a class act through and through. Thank you for your years of service. Our community has greatly benefitted due to your volunteerism and leadership.

  2. Thank goodness for the diligence of the press, considering how deceptively pithy the First Selectman was in reporting this turnover at the official press briefing. This is important reporting, Michael: keep up the excellent work.

    On the heels of what transpired at the Police Commission, I find it disturbing that the First Selectman refuses to abide by standards of common decency, or, at the very least, by Robert’s Rules of Order. If there’s an accountability issue in town it starts at the very top. “Physician, heal thyself”

  3. Judy – you have been a tremendous asset to New Canaan – in so many areas. Thank you for your leadership and contributions to Health and Human Services.

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