Town: Sales of Waveny Pool Passes Down 


Fewer seniors are purchasing passes to Waveny Pool in years past, officials said last week, likely due to COVID-19 virus-related fears.

As of Wednesday, 116 senior passes had been sold, according to Recreation Program Manager Steve Dayton. 

The figure is down 33% from the 174 total sold through the summer season one year ago, records show. In the past five years, the number of senior passes sold for Waveny Pool ranged up from 140.

“I don’t think they are coming to the pool,” Dayton told members of the Parks & Recreation Commission during the appointed body’s regular meeting, held July 8 via videoconference.

Commissioner Matt Konspore said, “I think there are still people in fear,” referring to transmission of the virus to seniors, for whom coronavirus disease poses great risk.

Citing expected high demand and new restrictions that limit capacity, officials decided last month to only sell passes to Waveny Pool, at least for the start of the 2020 season, to residents of New Canaan. 

Even so, passes appear to be less demand than originally thought. As of the meeting, 550 family passes had been sold (compared to a total of 627 through the entire season last year), along with 115 individual passes (181) and 37 nanny passes (73).

Dayton noted that the concession at Waveny Pool is open from 11 a.m. and taking orders through about 7:15 p.m., and that a cleaning service comes through the facility three times per day. Pass-holders must have masks on entering the facility, he said, and the only area where they’re not required are in the pool itself or when lounging on grass areas (they’re not required in the showers, either, but those are closed due to the virus—the locker rooms are only open for restroom use).

Commissioner Laura Costigan said she was surprised that the Waveny Pool passes hadn’t sold out, given that summer plans have changed for many.

Dayton said visitors to the facility aren’t staying as long as in past seasons.

One thought on “Town: Sales of Waveny Pool Passes Down 

  1. The picture shown is a perfect metaphor. As you step through the archway you are transformed to a bit of normalcy from our current crazy world outside of the arches. The is nothing like the sound of a pool that screams summer. Just the sound of pure enjoyment. Sure there are masks and separation but everything else seems normal from the laughter of children to the tempting smells coming from the Apple Cart grill. Much thanks to Steve Benko, Steve Dayton and the pool staff for creating this atmosphere and giving us a safe place to exercise and relax.

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