4 thoughts on “‘What About Us?’: Devereaux Raises Questions About Vine Cottage Sale 

  1. A preservation easement is attached to the land records and the wording should be decided and in place prior to any sale. Purchaser should not have any say in “the wording”.

  2. RFP responses filed with public entities including New Canaan, for the purchase of property owned by the public (or for any other goods or services), should always been open to review and examination by the public. The state’s Freedom of Information Act should never be misused to hide information from the people.

  3. Devereaux asked who would be able to see the RFP responses.

    ‘When Moynihan said it would probably be himself, Director of Public Works Tiger Mann, Buildings Superintendent Bill Oestmann, Devereaux asked, “What about us?” She referred to herself and Williams.’

    I’ll take it one step further…..what about us taxpayers? I’d like to know how many RFPs came in and have these open to the public. We taxpayers paid for the Vine Cottage.

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