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Details on activity within the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control unit, including rabies and wildlife calls, as well as local pet-adoptions and other animal-related news in New Canaan.

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Coyote, Labradoodle Fight on Ponus Ridge Early Thursday

A coyote fought Thursday morning with a 40-pound Labradoodle on Ponus Ridge—a tussle broken up by a ready caregiver who banged together pots and pans to chase off the wildlife, police said. It happened around 8:30 a.m. and the 3-year-old male Labradoodle appeared to have suffered no injuries, according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section. Because there was direct contact between the beasts, rabies protocol calls for a booster shot as soon as possible and a 45-day home observation period, Halm said. She forms part of an expert panel that will speak on coyotes—focusing on the animals’ behavior and how to coexist peacefully with them—to be held in the art gallery at New Canaan Library on Saturday, April 8. Halm underscored that in this case, the residents are accustomed to seeing coyotes so “they have their hazing techniques down.”

The Labradoodle owners’ property on upper Ponus Ridge abuts Aquarion land near the reservoir, and the coyote may well have been protecting its territory in attacking the dog, according to Halm. Continue Reading →

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$136 Fine for Woman with Off-Leash Dog at Waveny

Police issued a ticket to a 52-year-old New Canaan woman on a recent morning for having an off-leash dog at Waveny. The Labradoodle owner had been seen with her dog off-leash on the park’s trails in the past and received verbal warnings by the Animal Control section of the New Canaan Police Department, officials said. In this instance, at about 10 a.m. on Feb. 27, she parked near the Carriage Barn Arts Center and allowed her leash-less dog to hop out of the car and walk down along an access road toward a trailhead, according to Animal Control. The fine is $136 total—that’s $90 for the infraction and $46 for a state processing fee—for have a dog off-leash in a park. Continue Reading →

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Police K-9 Dog ‘Apollo’ To Undergo Specialized Boarding While Handler Is Out on Medical Leave

Town officials on Tuesday approved a contract allowing the New Canaan Police Department to board its K-9 Apollo with a New Milford-based company while the officer trained to handle the German shepherd dog undergoes extended medical leave. The Board of Selectmen during a special meeting voted 3-0 in favor of the $45-per-day contract (to be paid for through a privately supported fund, see below) with Superior K9 Services LLC—a company founded by a recently retired Norwalk police sergeant who had worked as a K-9 officer in that city. It isn’t clear just how long Apollo will remain boarded with the company, according to Police Capt. Andrew Walsh, though it’s the best place for the dog for a number of reasons. For example, Superior K9 “is the company that helped us acquire the dog in the first place,” Walsh said at the meeting, held in Town Hall. “They work with multiple law enforcement [agencies] in the area, including federal, state and local agencies. Continue Reading →

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‘It’s a Way That We Can Give Back’: Bankwell Launches ‘Pet Adoption Program’ for March and April

Two of Bankwell’s signature community outreach efforts involve showcasing the works of local artists in the gallery of its Elm Street branch and hosting goods collections for needy organizations in the area, such as Open Door Shelter and Inspirica. Starting with a reception at 208 Elm St. on Wednesday evening, Bankwell is combining those initiatives to support another good cause: animal rescue. For its two-month “Pet Adoption Project,” Bankwell is partnering with area rescue groups to spotlight adoptable dogs and cats—see this page on its website—as well as offering incentives for prospective new owners, raising money for animal welfare organizations and featuring the work of a dog- and cat-loving photographer. “If we get one dog a ‘forever’ home, I think that we have succeeded,” said Bankwell Marketing Assistant Lucy French, who helped develop the idea for the project with colleagues Ann Mitrione and Lynne Gomez. Continue Reading →

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Brooks Road Cat Serves Two-Week Quarantine After Biting Neighbor in the Leg

A Brooks Road cat is back home following a legally required two-week quarantine, imposed by New Canaan Police after the animal apparently bit a neighbor on the leg, officials said. The rabies vaccination for the orange domestic short hair cat, named ‘Finnegan,’ had expired in November—about three months prior to the attack, according to an incident report obtained by following a Freedom of Information request. Police learned of the incident at about 8:30 a.m. on Feb. 7 (a Tuesday), according to the report, from NCPD’s Animal Control section. It started when the victim, a 69-year-old Mortimer Street woman, told police she had been “attacked by a neighbor’s cat,” the report said. Continue Reading →

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