One thought on “Black Bear Sighted in New Canaan As Wildlife Activity Increases [UPDATED]

  1. A bear (likely the same one) was also spotted on the New Canaan Land Trust’s nearby Watson-Symington Preserve yesterday, May 22.

    Visitors to Preserve should be aware of the recent sightings and should take the following precautions during their visits:

    1) Keep dogs on leash. This is already a requirement at all times, at all of our preserves.

    2) Carry a whistle or other noisemaker. Should you encounter the bear, make noise to scare it away. Black bears see humans as a threat, and making a commotion is usually enough to scare them away.

    3) Be aware of your surroundings. This includes not using headphones, keeping small children nearby, and monitoring your surroundings.

    The Land Trust has set up a few trail cameras at the Preserve to monitor the bear’s activity. The Preserve remains open to the public, and additional information including parking, trail maps, and more can be found at:

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