Christa Kenin Announces Candidacy for Selectman, Widening Republican Pool


Christa Kenin, a Republican who has served for two years on the Town Council, on Thursday afternoon announced her candidacy for the position of selectman.

Christa Kenin. Credit: Michael Dinan

A former president of the Newcomers Club who also has served on the West School PTC, Kenin is an attorney by profession who said she represents transparency, innovation and hard work.

In a statement issued to the local press, Kenin said some of her priorities are to “address our commuter parking shortage, create more comprehensive cell service in a sensible manner and keep our downtown vibrant.”

Selectman Nick Williams (L) and First Selectman Rob Mallozzi (R) announced on March 9, 2017 that each would seek a fourth term on the Board of Selectmen. Credit: Michael Dinan

“I’ve studied up,” she said. “I’ve thoughtfully observed. I’ve listened to people both inside and outside of our local government.”

Kenin listed the subcommittees she’s worked on as a councilman and said she’s attended other meetings of municipal boards and commissions.

“I’ve become involved in the issues that matter most to improving New Canaan,” she said in the statement. “New Canaan is a town that competes with other Fairfield and Westchester County towns when young families are looking for a place to raise their families. We need to keep our competitive edge.”

New Canaan Republican Kevin Moynihan on May 30, 2017 announced that he is running for first selectman. Credit: Michael Dinan

Her candidacy widens a pool of Republicans seeking party backing for the Board of Selectmen at the July 18 caucus.

Incumbent Selectman Nick Williams announced in March that he is seeking a fourth term. First Selectman Rob Mallozzi also is seeking a fourth term on the board—he and Williams made their announcement together—and Town Councilman Kevin Moynihan, also a Republican, last week announced his own candidacy for first selectman.

Candidates who do not win at the caucus may seek to force a primary for their party’s backing, which would be held in September.

Kit Devereaux, longtime New Canaanite and Democrat, is running for first selectman in 2017. Credit: Michael Dinan

Democrat Kit Devereaux, a member of the Parks & Recreation Commission who also has served on the Board of Finance and Town Council, also is running for first selectman. It isn’t clear whether a Democratic candidate for selectman will emerge at the party’s own July 18 caucus.

Kenin in her statement said that many individuals and groups have asked her to step forward for selectman.

“I believe it is important that all seats are contested at each and every election,” she said. “This is why I agreed to step forward. I am happy to continue to honor my four-year commitment to our local government even if it is from a different seat.”

She described herself as “accessible,” visible and in touch with residents’ concerns.

“It is apparent that there are many issues that have been festering which have kept our town from reaching its full potential,” Kenin said. “These issues need immediate attention. They should not have to wait a minute longer. These challenges must properly be addressed by the Board of Selectmen.”

Calling New Canaan Public Schools “the crown jewel of our town” Kenin touted her record as an advocate for the Saxe Middle School renovation and expansion project as well as the renewal of the playground at the middle school, saying she “will continue to ensure that our taxpayer dollars work hard to keep our education system supreme.”

“Politics have become so nasty these days,” Kenin said. “We see that especially in the national arena. It does not have to be this way. I am not about the drama. I am about the work. Rest assured, I have a good working relationship with both first selectman candidates.”

“My family and I are proud to have chosen New Canaan as our forever home. This is the place we will raise our family. This is where we will stay. And in time, New Canaan will become a part of our own family’s legacy.”

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