Parks Commissioner: Trash Bin at Waveny To Address Problem of Dumped Dog Waste Bags


Where the Waveny trail along the Merritt Parkway hits Lapham Road. Credit: Michael Dinan

Saying a similarly placed trash receptacle has worked in Irwin Park, officials announced last week that Waveny visitors will have a new bin to dump their used dog poop bags.

As it is now, many of those bags end up dumped in the southwest corner of the park, where a trail that runs alongside the Merritt Parkway intersects with Lapham Road, according to Parks & Recreation Commissioner Sally Campbell.

“Someone always puts a trash bag up there,” Campbell said during the Commission’s May 8 meeting, held at Town Hall. She referred to a bag that a park visitor ties to a tree to receive the used bags.

Campbell said she has spoken to the head of public works about putting a trash bin in Waveny, and that he’s “is in agreement that that’s not a bad idea.”

“It is just one trash can in the park, it is not everywhere, but it is just a natural turn” in Waveny for those carrying the bags, Campbell said.

Commissioner Laura Costigan asked whether the newly placed trash bin would be easily reachable for the trucks that will need to empty it. Campbell said it would. 

Recreation Director Steve Benko said the town is acquiring eight new trash cans for Waveny Pool to replace 18-year-old cans and that “one of those might be ideal” for the dog bags because it’s a push-in model that’s covered on top.

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